Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 13

Last weekend was terrible for my starts and sits for running backs. My start of the week was David Montgomery. He did a piss poor job against a bad Lions rushing defense. My sit of the week was Myles Gaskin. That guy scored two touchdowns on the ground against the Panthers. So, yeah it wasn’t a good time. Let’s redeem ourselves this week people.


Start of the Week;

Miles Sanders vs New York Jets

This is it, people. This should be Miles Sanders’ best game of the season. He is up against the worst rushing defense in the NFL right now. Jalen Hurts is dealing with an ankle issue that might hinder his ability to run. Boston Scott didn’t practice. Jordan Howard didn’t practice. Kenneth Gainwell isn’t being used. If Sanders doesn’t do well here then he is a lost cause. He has to do wonders in this game.

Antonio Gibson vs Las Vegas Raiders

Gibson finally came into his own last weekend against the Seahawks. He was the vocal point running up and down the field without a worry in the world. He is facing the Raiders who gave up a significant amount of yardage against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. With J.D. McKissic dealing with an injury issue, this should be a game where Gibson thrives. Start him this weekend.

Elijah Mitchell vs Seattle Seahawks

As a sixth-round pick, Mitchell has been a stud filling in for the multiple running backs injured on the 49ers. He will be going up against the Seahawks this week. If you saw Monday night’s game last week then you know that Gibson and McKissic were able to run right through this defense like a hot knife going through butter. Mitchell should be an excellent play here for fantasy owners everywhere.

Alexander Mattison vs Detroit Lions

With Dalvin Cook going down with a dislocated shoulder last weekend, Mattison stepped up and delivered a touchdown against the 49ers. He should be a wonderful play here against the Detroit Lions. Yes, their defense stopped David Montgomery last weekend, but the Vikings offense has more possibilities for Mattison than the Bears did for Montgomery. Get him in as he is a huge waiver pickup this week.

Devonta Freeman vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Freeman seems to have become the reliable running back that isn’t named Lamar Jackson. In this game with so many of Pittsburgh’s defense facing COVID issues, Freeman should be a big play here especially with how Joe Mixon was able to torch them last weekend with nobody really out. He can run, he can catch out of the backfield, and he is a sneaky play to get you big points this weekend for your fantasy teams.


Myles Gaskin vs New York Giants

Rex Burkhead vs Indianapolis Colts

Alex Collins vs San Francisco 49ers


Sit of the Week;

Saquon Barkley vs Miami Dolphins

This is really tough man…but it is the right decision to make. Saquon has not been himself since suffering all these injuries. He seems to be afraid to get hit now which completely goes against his belief of getting contact while running. Normally, this would be a bad decision, but the Dolphins defense has stepped up to make a good amount of plays for a winning streak. Saquon steps in their way, but the way this has been going, they might just run him over.

Damien Harris vs Buffalo Bills

Harris scored last weekend which saved his fantasy value, but honestly, I am not that confident in playing him this weekend against the Bills. Their defense has stopped running backs in their tracks, and he has been losing work to Rhamandre Stevenson as the rookie has proven himself to be a good asset to the team. This just isn’t a smart move to play him this weekend.

Jamaal Williams vs Minnesota Vikings

Williams was a big pickup off the waiver wire with the injury to DeAndre Swift. He could be a great play, but I do not believe the results will be what people will think they are. This match could turn real ugly for the Lions real quick if the Vikings score and score often. Yes, Williams can catch out of the backfield, but the Vikings are gonna be all over him with their knowledge of him facing him as a Packer for how many years.

Matt Breida vs New England Patriots

Breida has grown to become the best running back available for the Bills that isn’t named Josh Allen. His speed and ability to catch out of the backfield has put him ahead of Zack Moss on the depth chart. I do not believe this will be the game for him to succeed though. The Patriots’ defense is legit and will stop a lot that comes into their clutches. Might want to leave him on the bench this week.

Tevin Coleman vs Philadelphia Eagles

Coleman is fighting for his job right now man. With the injury of Michael Carter, we were hoping to see him kind of step up, but sadly the Jets have been running what seems like a running back by committee with him, Ty Johnson, and many others. I wouldn’t trust him when the Jets face the Eagles this week. They are pretty good at stopping the run, and the trust within the Jets running system dwindles by the day.


Kenyan Drake vs Washington Football Team

Mike Davis vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ronald Jones vs Atlanta Falcons

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