Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 13

Alright people last weekend was a little iffy when it came to results for my quarterbacks. Let’s assess, shall we? Cam Newton was my start of the week, and man did he flop hard. However, my sit of the week was Big Ben. He did suck a lot last weekend against the Bengals. Let’s hope we can figure it out for your teams this week.


Start of the Week;

Carson Wentz vs Houston Texans

Wentz was able to do very well against the Buccaneers’ defense last weekend. I was actually surprised. Now, he has a chance to do well in a divisional matchup against the Texans. Now, Houston has surprised us on occasions in these divisional matchups, but I have faith in Wentz to get the job done. He should be locked and loaded in your lineups this weekend.

Russell Wilson vs San Francisco 49ers

It’s weird seeing Wilson on this list, but ever since he has come back from his finger injury he’s been less than ideal as a fantasy option. However, he was able to show some flashes in the pan last Monday against the Washington Football Team. He has a good opportunity against the 49ers this week. Their defense is not the same. This is a division game. Russ should finally begin to cook.

Kirk Cousins vs Detroit Lions

Cousins has done marvelous this season, but no one really notices. The man has thrown three picks all season. He should be an absolute unit this weekend when he has a meeting with the Detroit Lions. Their defense is hot garbage. Without Cook, Cousins should be throwing the ball more which helps out considering he’s got Jefferson and Theilen to back him up. Load him up, people.

Derek Carr vs Washington Football Team

Carr has had some tough matchups, but the guy is loading up points in tough situations which makes him an awesome play this weekend against the Washington Football Team. Their defense has stepped up in recent weeks, but they still give up so many points to opposing quarterbacks. Even without Darren Waller, Carr should be an exceptional play this week.

Jimmy Garoppolo vs Seattle Seahawks

Jimmy G is doing great things for a “run-first” team. I like him a lot this weekend against the Seattle Seahawks. Their defense is awful. Watching Monday night’s game against the Washington Football Team was honestly embarrassing. Taylor Heinicke was throwing deep shots everywhere and making big plays. Jimmy should do the same thing. Get him in the lineups.


Taylor Heinicke vs Las Vegas Raiders

Daniel Jones vs Miami Dolphins

Tyrod Taylor vs Indianapolis Colts


Sit of the Week;

Mac Jones vs Buffalo Bills

This is really hard man. I love this kid in the Patriots system. However, something tells me the running game will become such an important part of this game that Mac Jones will be dwindled down to a mere game manager. Even with White, this defense is still elite. In fact, they are number two. This is gonna be a defensive showdown between these two, and I am very interested to see who comes out on top.

Joe Burrow vs Los Angeles Chargers

Burrow didn’t need to do much when facing Pittsburgh last weekend. The run game and defense did everything for him. I predict Joe Mixon takes the reigns in this one yet again. The Chargers’ defense is a lot better at stopping the pass than the run. So Burrow might look to his targets early, but it will not be a walk in the park this week. I think head coach Zac Taylor might see this as well with Burrow taking a back seat which hurts his fantasy value for this one.

Tua Tagovailoa vs New York Giants

This could be a tough one here. The Giants’ defense has stepped up in recent weeks including last week’s matchup with the Eagles when they picked off Jalen Hurts three times. Tua has been okay since coming back from injury. I believe the winning streak might come to an end here if Tua plays bad which I believe might happen.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Kansas City Chiefs

Teddy had an issue last weekend when he went out and played the Chargers. However, he was able to overcome the injury and do well. However, this is going to be a very stressful situation up against the Chiefs. I want Teddy to succeed here, but this game could belong to the run game with Javonte Williams starting to mold into the guy we finally believed he could be. It’s a low-risk option, but it could swing into a high-risk option depending onthe style of play.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Baltimore Ravens

Big Ben was a big disappointment last weekend against the Bengals. I want him to succeed given how bad Baltimore’s defense has been, but after last weekend, I can’t trust him to do well. People were calling for him to be benched last week, man. That’s awful to hear given how well his career has been. At this point, I’d keep him on the bench until further notice.


Matt Ryan vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Zach Wilson vs Philadelphia Eagles

Justin Fields vs Arizona Cardinals

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