Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 12

Running backs for last week people. Let’s talk about them. The start of the week was Leonard Fournette who did not have his best game despite having double-digit points. The sit of the week was Devontae Booker who had a bad game as well with Saquon being the better guy on the night. Let’s see if Week 12 does us some good this time.


Start of the Week;

David Montgomery vs Detroit Lions

Montgomery didn’t do a lot last weekend against the Ravens, but honestly, he should have a field day on Thanksgiving as he takes on the Detroit Lions. Their defense is horrific against the run, and with Andy Dalton back under center, the run game should belong only to David Montgomery. Look for him to embarrass this Lions rushing defense on Turkey Day for all those Lions fans to see.

Mile Sanders vs New York Giants

Sanders came off IR last weekend and delivered over 90 rushing yards on the day against the Saints. The rushing touchdowns are of course going to be concerned with Hurts’ rushing ability to find the endzone. However, the Giants are bad at defending the run, and with Jordan Howard injured at the moment, Sanders should be the guy to put the hurt on the Giants this week.

Darrell Henderson vs Green Bay Packers

Henderson and the Rams have been really disappointing to watch these last two games, but I think things might look up for them when they play the Packers this week. Their defense let Dalvin Cook run all over them last week, and Henderson who is fresh off a bye week should be able to capitalize on that. He can also catch out of the backfield which is great because Stafford has been getting a lot of pressure up front lately.

Melvin Gordon vs Los Angeles Chargers

Gordon and company are coming off a bye week, and they should be in for a good game against the Los Angeles Chargers this week. Gordon and Williams should both find success on the ground as the Chargers’ defense continues to let up a lot of points on the ground against opposing running backs. Both backs should be considered here, but somehow Gordon always ends up with more points so I’ll roll with him this week.

AJ Dillon vs Los Angeles Rams

Even with the addition of Von Miller to this defense, the Rams are continuing to let running backs have their way with them. Dillon did fine last weekend against the Vikings, and I believe he will find similar success when the Packers visit the Rams this week. His ability to be a pass-catcher and a runner should help very much so in this case.


Tony Pollard vs Las Vegas Raiders

Rhamandre Stevenson vs Tennessee Titans

Tyler Johnson vs Houston Texans


Sit of the Week;

Myles Gaskin vs Carolina Panthers

Gaskin was able to get a touchdown last weekend against the Jets, but it was a receiving touchdown, not a rushing touchdown. That is bothersome given how bad the Jets are covering running backs. This week he will get the Panthers who were able to make Antonio Gibson irrelevant. I don’t like the matchup nor the player, so I will be avoiding Gaskin altogether this week against the Panthers.

Mark Ingram vs Buffalo Bills

This seems silly due to the fact that Jonathan Taylor ripped them a new asshole for five touchdowns last weekend, but this Thursday’s matchup against the Bills doesn’t fancy me with Mark Ingram. He’s dealing with a knee injury to start, and this Saints offense is so up and down that I really don’t know how to feel. I simply do not want to take that chance and neither should you. Every other running back has been contained against the Bills.

Elijah Mitchell vs Minnesota Vikings

Mitchell has been good when he’s been healthy. Sadly, he hasn’t played in a lot of games this season strictly because of those injuries. The Vikings were also able to slow down Dillon a tad, and I like for other 49ers running backs to get some yardage including Trey Sermon. It’s just not the best matchup for a lot of reasons.

Zack Moss vs New Orleans Saints

Moss is now dealing with an even more crowded backfield with the addition of Matt Breida taking snaps. Couple that with the fact that Josh Allen seems to be the leading rusher for the team doesn’t put me in a happy mood as a Zack Moss owner. I know the Eagles were able to find a lot of success on the ground last week against the Saints, but that seems to be their identity now where as the Bills are losing a lot of themselves this season.

Alex Collins vs Washington Football Team

Collins is competing a lot for downs now with Penny and Homer, and that doesn’t sit well for me knowing that Chris Carson is out for eh year. There are a lot of names that want the ball, but honestly, I believe the Seahawks will be in full pass mode against the Washington Football Team. Their defense is better against the run than the pass which Collins’ value for everything is sort of dried up at this point.


Mike Davis vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Rex Burkhead vs New York Jets

Jeremy McNichols vs New England Patriots

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