Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 12

Alright, let’s assess the damage from last week’s starts and sits for quarterbacks. Joe Burrow had a very underwhelming game for the Bengals last week, and Matt Ryan played like absolute dog water. So a 50/50 isn’t bad people. Let’s see what we can do for this week.


Start of the Week;

Cam Newton vs Miami Dolphins

Cam turned out a wonderful performance last week putting over 20 points on the Washington Football Team. I am coming to him yet again this week for a wonderful game against the Miami Dolphins. Their defense has been very generous to quarterbacks all season long. Look for him to get yet another 20 point week for your fantasy teams.

Mac Jones vs Tennessee Titans

Mac Jones had a good game last Thursday against the Falcons. He did throw a pick, but overall he was throwing some good balls all night long. I like him this weekend against the Tennessee Titans. Their defense crumbled under pressure last weekend against the Houston Texans. my theory is that Tannehill put the defense in bad spots with turnovers and Mac Jones will be able to capitalize on the situation.

Carson Wentz vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wentz let the run game do all the work last weekend against the Bills so he only put up about 10 points on the day. However, the Colts will have to pass in this one cause the run defense is really good. So look for him to get Taylor and Pittman the ball as quick as possible against this defense that has trouble covering in the secondary.

Matt Ryan vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Matt Ryan had a really bad game against the Patriots, but he should have a much better time against a Jaguars defense that has wielded a lot of points to opposing quarterbacks not named Josh Allen. Patterson should be back for this game which should help Matty Ice out quite a bit. Expect a good game for Kyle Pitts as well if that is the case. He has been down all season, but he should make a turn here.

Trevor Lawrence vs Atlanta Falcons

Lawrence has had a bad season under Meyer and company, but he should make a turn against this pitiful Atlanta Falcons defense. Almost every single quarterback that has played the Falcons have come out with a number of great points. I would like to think that this could be Lawrence’s best game if the play calling and the game scheme is done the right way. Look for him to finally get out of his slump this week.


Tyrod Taylor vs New York Jets

Joe Flacco vs Houston Texans

Andy Dalton vs Detroit Lions


Sit of the Week;

Ben Roethlisberger vs Cincinnati Bengals

Putting Ben here sucks because he just came off his best game of the season last week against the Los Angeles Chargers. He is now going up against the Cincinnati Bengals who had his number last time they played him. I believe the Bengals have been playing good on defense all season so putting Ben here makes sense in some ways, but it just sucks as he seems to be finally finding his footing.

Ryan Tannehill vs New England Patriots

I hate yan Tannehill. All my homies hate Ryan Tannehill. How can you throw four interceptions against the Houston Texans? Well, he did it. Now he faces a much better defense in the New England Patriots. They are the number one defense in fantasy and had four interceptions last week against Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Yeah, let’s just sit Tannehill.

Tua Tagovailoa vs Carolina Panthers

Tua has been playing okay coming back after his injury, but he is still throwing interceptions to bad teams. Now he plays the Panthers, and while their defense has fallen a bit, they can still make plays when they need to. Parker and Fuller are still out which leaves only Waddle and Gesicki to get the job done. Those odds aren’t ideal looking ahead of this so I would sit Tua this week.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Los Angeles Chargers

Teddy and the Broncos are coming off a bye week and will have a divisional matchup against the Chargers this week. The Chargers were able to stop the run a bit last week, yet allowed a lot of points in the secondary. I believe that goes back to normal here this week when the Broncos face them. They have more weapons outside for them to cover which means Bridgewater will have a hard time passing the ball. They will also be relying on the run game a lot in this one, I can feel it.

Daniel Jones vs Philadelphia Eagles

Jones had a bad game against the Bucs as expected. Now he will be under new direction this week as the Giants fired Jason Garrett. That will come into play so much this weekend. They will be facing the Eagles this week whose defense has been getting better and better every week. Plus, the way that Hurts and company are playing, Danny Dimes is gonna have to throw a lot.


Baker Mayfield vs Baltimore Ravens

Trevor Siemian vs Buffalo Bills

Jared Goff vs Chicago Bears

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