Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 10

Well, last week sucked people. My start of the week was Taysom Hill and he didn’t even start this week. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan balled out and killed the Saints this week. Jesus…Let’s try to do better this week people.


Start of the Week;

Derek Carr vs Kansas City Chiefs

Carr had a bit of a struggle-bus episode last weekend against the Giants. However, I see him coming back in a big way this week when he and the Raiders take on the Chiefs this weekend. The Chiefs’ defense is bad despite them doing decent against Jordan Love last weekend. Carr should be slinging it all over the place to make sure that the Chiefs continue to blunder under their mistakes.

Jalen Hurts vs Denver Broncos

Hurts’ point value has been shrinking recently due to the identity of the Eagles team coming into question. The running backs are getting more involved, but I believe Hurts will bounce back this week despite the matchup and what they did to Dak last weekend. Hurts should still do well if the Eagles utilize his skill sets the best.

Carson Wentz vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Wentz has thrown three interceptions all season. He dominated the Jets’ defense last Thursday night, and he should dominate the Jaguars’ defense here. Look, I know what they did to Josh Allen, but there is no way they are able to do that twice in a row. Give me Wentz as an immediate plug player for your lineups against the Jaguars this weekened.

Matt Ryan vs Dallas Cowboys

Alright, Matt Ryan was able to prove me to be wrong last weekend with huge numbers against the Saints. He was my sit of the week, and I was wrong. So I would say to start him this week against the Dallas Cowboys. Their defense might have a takeaway, but with how they played last weekend, the Cowboys should yield a bunch of points to Matt Ryan.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Detroit Lions

Big Ben was able to produce his second-best point total on Monday night against the Bears. This week he gets the Detroit Lions. This Lions defense sucks, and Ben might get his best total points for this game if the Steelers don’t give the game away ya know? I would still start him though.


Taylor Heinicke vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tua Tagovailoa vs Baltimore Ravens

Trevor Siemian vs Tennessee Titans


Sit of the Week;

Baker Mayfield vs New England Patriots

Baker was able to put up some good points last weekend against the Bengals, but this week he could have a tough time against a very stout New England defense that absolutely killed Sam Darnold. This is not gonna be a great game for Baker as I believe this Pats defense will cook him out of this one burning a big hole in Cleveland yet again.

Kirk Cousins vs Los Angeles Chargers

Kirk was able to put up a pretty decent fantasy outing against the Baltimore Ravens as he put up three total touchdowns on the day accumulating 21 points. However, he now faces a Chargers defense that is better at stopping the pass than the run. So I imagine this is going to be a big day for Dalvin Cook where Kirk Cousins might not be much of a factor here in this one.

Ryan Tannehill vs New Orleans Saints

The Saints defense was able to fold under Matt Ryan, but it is a whole new ball game with Ryan Tannehill. The Saints’ defense should rebound after a weird divisional squander against the Falcons. The Titans are gonna come back down to reality here with the Saints defense hammering Ryan Tannehill and that offensive line.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Philadelphia Eagles

Teddy was able to go above and beyond expectations against the Dallas Cowboys last weekend. I do not see lightning striking twice in this one against the Eagles. The Eagles are fairly good against opposing quarterbacks. I would honestly keep Teddy on the bench this week as the Eagles’ defense could give him some trouble.

Mac Jones vs Cleveland Browns

Mac Jones had some issues happen to him last weekend against the Panthers, but I mean it happens sometimes. However, he will face the Cleveland Browns this week. Despite their success against Burrow and the Bengals last weekend, the Browns should thrive once again against Mac jones and the Pats.


Jimmy Garoppolo vs Los Angeles Rams

PJ Walker vs Arizona Cardinals

Trevor Lawrence vs Indianapolis Colts

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