Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 9

Alright guys and gals, let’s see how we did last week. Joe Burrow even in a loss to the Jets put up a nice stat line with multiple touchdowns. That’s a win. Sam Darnold didn’t do anything before exiting with a concussion so that is also a win. Good things from last week people. Let’s bring our attention to week nine.


Start of the Week;

Taysom Hill vs Atlanta Falcons

Hill should be coming back from a concussion this week, and he will get a nice matchup against the Atlanta Falcons this week. Their defense is ranked 28th against opposing quarterbacks which bolds well for the young star. With Winston out, Hill should be a great play this week as he can beat the Falcons with his arm and his legs.

Joe Burrow vs Cleveland Browns

Burrow did well despite the Bengals not winning the game. He should find success again this week as he takes on the Cleveland Browns. Their defense is starting to degrade along with their whole team every week. Burrow should be slinging dimes against this squad this week. Start him with confidence.

Carson Wentz vs New York Jets

Hear me out here because I know people are gonna question this one. Yes, Wentz did not play his best game last weekend against the Titans, but he still should have a decent day at the office against the Jets. They haven’t been great against quarterbacks, and Wentz needs to bounce back after last week’s loss.

Tua Tagovailoa vs Houston Texans

Tua got slapped around last weekend by the Bills, but he should be able to rebound quite nicely in this week’s matchup. He faces the Houston Texans who are just terrible at covering quarterbacks. Look for him to produce a stat line like he did against Atlanta. I like him a lot this week.

Jordan Love vs Kansas City Chiefs

Is this risky? Hell yeah. Do I care? Absolutely not. With all the injuries and bye weeks going on, sometimes you gotta reach down and hope something good can come out of it. That’s what I am saying for Jordan Love. The Chiefs’ defense has been trash this year and now Love gets to make his mark with Rodgers being out with COVID. Give him a shot if you are really in quarterback hell here.


Teddy Bridgewater vs Dallas Cowboys

Davis Mills vs Miami Dolphins

Mike White vs Indianapolis Colts


Sit of the Week;

Matt Ryan vs New Orleans Saints

Matt Ryan left his game at home last weekend against the Panthers and completely and utterly sucked. His six fantasy points meant little to owners, and they should keep him on the bench this week when he and the Falcons take on the Saints. His best receiver is out, and he will be looking to make big plays, but will come up short.

Ryan Tannehill vs Los Angeles Rams

Tannehill will look to try to get the Titans on the roll without Derrick Henry. This is not the game to do it. He’ll face off against the Rams who have Donald and Ramsey. Plus, the Rams have acquired Von Miller as well which will not bold well in the face of Tannehill. This will not be a good game for him so sit him.

Daniel Jones vs Las Vegas Raiders

Daniel Jones looked okay against the Chiefs, but he just does not have everything going well around him man. His entire offense is hurt, and now he has to go up against the pass rush over Max Crosby. No thank you. This is an easy one no matter how much of a nerd he looks when he runs. Bench him.

Mac Jones vs Carolina Panthers

Mac Jones came away with very few bumps and scrapes from his encounter with the Chargers last weekend. Things are going to get rougher as the rookie will take on the Carolina Panthers who just destroyed Matt Ryan and the Falcons last weekend. Be warned here because I know Jones has been good, but this match…it ain’t it.

Sam Darnold vs New England Patriots

Do I need to remind you all of what happened the last time Darnold faced the Pats? Spooky stuff happened people. He might have a better offense around him, but he is nursing a concussion and has been slowly winding down from the big plays he made at the beginning of the season. Bench him and don’t think twice about it.


Baker Mayfield vs Cincinnati Bengals

Jimmy Garoppolo vs Arizona Cardinals

Justin Fields vs Pittsburgh Steelers

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