Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

Alright, people here we go. We had a crazy amount of things happen with the NFL over the last couple of days, and I am excited to talk about the power rankings this week. So many twists and turns, a new team holds the number one spot, and so many COVID cases and injuries are rising. Let’s get into it.


Detroit Lions (0-8)

Previous Rank – 32

Damn, the Lions got straight-up beaten down last weekend against the Eagles…the Eagles people. God, this was so bad to watch. I mean Boston Scott and Jordan Howard scoring two touchdowns each. Jalen Hurts barely had to do anything. This team is so sad, but the good news is this. Detroit fans don’t have to worry about a loss this week because the team is on its bye week.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6)

Previous Rank – 31

How are you going to come off your bye week and put an absolute stinker in terms of points against the Seahawks? Well, the Jaguars did it, and man did they blow last week. To make matters worse, James Robinson got injured, and nobody could get anything going. Lawrence passed 54 times, but only completed four yards per throw. It doesn’t get any better as the Jaguars take on the Bills this week.


Houston Texans (1-7)

Previous Rank – 30

The score might fool you to think the Texans put up a fight, but man did they get dominated in this one. They only put up so many points because the Rams were pulling their starters for killing them so badly in the first half of the game. Still, Cooks got going through the air, but this was not a good sight to see from them. They do have a chance at an upset this week as they take on the Miami Dolphins.


Miami Dolphins (1-7)

Previous Rank – 28

Things just keep getting worse for the Dolphins man. That game against Buffalo was a physical one, but oh man did Tua look bad. People are starting to call for Brian Flores’s job, and it is hard to argue given their success from last year seems to have dried up. They do get a favorable matchup this week when they take on the Houston Texans.


New York Giants (2-6)

Previous Rank – 27

This was a hard-fought game for the Giants here so give them credit in almost knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs. Still this team not only has the injury bug, but they also have the COVID bug as well. 13 total players and coaches tested positive including running back Saquon Barkley who was supposed to be back for this game. Sadly, he won’t, and the Giants will have to take on the Raiders who are coming off their bye week.


Washington Football Team (2-6)

Previous Rank – 25

Not sure what is going on with Washington people, but it isn’t good. This team has gone in such a downhill spiral that no one seems to be producing at all. Gibson and McLaurin both put up little to nothing and Taylor Heinicke is starting to lose his magic. Their defense is also still trash. Luckily, they will gon their bye this week and try to figure things out.


New York Jets (2-5)

Previous Rank – 28

Hello Mike White! This kid who has never made an NFL start in his life before just put up over 400 passing yards and three touchdowns against the Cincinnati Bengals. Goodbye Zach Wilson people. I mean come on, this was fantastic to watch this kid work. We will see if the magic can keep happening for White and the Jets when they take on the Indianapolis Colts Thursday night!


Atlanta Falcons (3-4)

Previous Rank – 20

The Falcons plummet hard in the power rankings this week for a number of reasons. One, they got absolutely demolished by the Carolina Panthers. Matt Ryan looked absolutely terrible in this one. Also, Calvin Ridley is stepping away from football to focus on his mental health. I’m all for it. I hope you get the help you need my guy. That being said, he was Atlanta’s number one wide receiver so this definitely affects their game plan. They’ll take on the Saints this week.


Seattle Seahawks (3-5)

Previous Rank – 24

I’m gonna keep the Seahawks here for the moment. They may have won, but let’s remember who they faced people; the Jacksonville Jaguars. Aside from some good defensive playing and Tyler Lockett finally returning to form, there wasn’t a whole lot there for me on this. They still won though, and now they’ll have a chance to breathe as they go on their bye week.


Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)

Previous Rank – 26

Call me crazy, but it was finally great to see the Eagles absolutely crush a team. That is exactly what happened as the Eagles beat the Lions nearly to death. The crazy part is that Hurts wasn’t really involved. They scored four rushing touchdowns with Boston Scott and Jordan Howard. Man, Jordan Howard playing well again…That won’t last. The Eagles have an interesting match this week as they face the Los Angeles Chargers.


Chicago Bears (3-5)

Previous Rank – 22

The Bears may have lost this game, but it was a close one indeed against the San Francisco 49ers. Justin Fields finally looked like he was a franchise quarterback this week throwing a touchdown, running one in, and also rushing for over 100 yards. It was amazing to see. In fact, all of this was done without Coach Nagy there so maybe he should stay home more often. The Bears will face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night.


Indianapolis Colts (3-5)

Previous Rank – 18

I know this game went to overtime, but they were facing a Titans team with a very unhealthy Derrick Henry. it doesn’t say much. Wentz looked bad in this one tossing two interceptions and just making so many constant mistakes. The defense also lost its way when covering AJ Brown who exploded on the scene yet again. The Colts seemingly have an easy match this week, but nothing is for certain as they’ll face Mike White and the Jets this Thursday.


San Francisco 49ers (3-4)

Previous Rank – 23

Jimmy G must really be trying to prove he is better than Trey Lance as he ran two touchdowns in against the Bears. This game was a close one, but the defense had a hard time reading Justin Fields, and man did the rookie eat or what? Now the 49ers will look to this week. George Kittle has been cleared to return to practice which should help their team quite a bit. it will still be a tough one as they’ll face the Arizona Cardinals this week.


Carolina Panthers (3-5)

Previous Rank – 19

The Panthers were able to knock off the Falcons, but it wasn’t because of anything the offense did. This game belonged to defense and the special teams. Zane Gonzalez put up crazy field goal numbers, and the defense absolutely shredded Matt Ryan. Sam Darnold left with a concussion so Walker had to step in, but who knows what could happen this week as they face the New England Patriots.


Minnesota Vikings (3-5)

Previous Rank – 16

How do you lose to Cooper Rush starting at quarterback? What is going on with the Vikings man? Kirk looked completely lost out there, Dalvin Cook barely could run the ball, and the defense was swiss cheese. People have to be calling for Mike Zimmer’s job after this one. The Vikings will get another tough one this week when they face off against the Baltimore Ravens.


Denver Broncos (4-4)

Previous Rank – 21

I didn’t want to move the Broncos up this high, but this is the world we live in now. They came away with a last-second victory against the Washington Football Team. It doesn’t help them that they have only beaten bad teams. They have also lost Noah Fant for this game because of COVID, but they do get jerry Jeudy back. The test will truly come this week as Teddy and the Broncos will take on the Dallas Cowboys.


Cleveland Browns (4-4)

Previous Rank – 12

Things are burning up in Cleveland, and honestly, the heat just keeps on coming. First, the Browns suffer a bunch of injuries. Second, they lose to the Steelers, and the Steelers didn’t have a kicker for the majority of the game. Third, OBJ is being told to exit practice after what his dad posted online. Baker and Beckham are clearly not on the same page, and neither is the coach. Who knows if Beckham will even be on the team anymore in the coming days. They’ll get a divisional matchup with the Bengals this week.


New England Patriots (4-4)

Previous Rank – 17

The Pats are doing good things now people. They knocked off Justin Herbert and the Chargers in a nice fashion, and Mac Jones continues to impress me every week with what he does. It isn’t sexy by all means, but it gets the job done, and that is what we have people. The Patriots will now go on to face the Carolina Panthers which could have Sam Darnold repeating some Halloween scares by seeing some ghosts.


Kansas City Chiefs (4-4)

Previous Rank – 14

The Chiefs came away with a victory against the Giants, but oh man did they look sloppy doing it. Constant penalties, turnovers, and questionable decisions went into this one. They also barely beat the Giants with all the injuries they have. Nightmares are gonna start turning into reality here soon for them. Mahomes and company will take on the Packers this week.


Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)

Previous Rank – 15

This was a weird game for the Steelers. On one hand, I saw a weird call by Mike Tomlin that got our kicker basically killed and taken out of the game, but on the other side, this was probably the best our offensive line has played all season. Myles Garrett had one sack, and Najee was able to rip off some impressive runs. One thing is for sure though. Big Ben owns the Browns. They’ll face the Bears Monday night!


Los Angeles Chargers (4-3)

Previous Rank – 11

I expected a little better from the Chargers after they came off a bye week. They did not look great against the Pats this week. Justin Herbert tossed two interceptions, and he also injured his throwing hand a bit. Let’s hope their defense can step up because they have been a little sour as of late. They will face the Philadelphia Eagles this week.


Cincinnati Bengals (5-3)

Previous Rank – 7

There is no other way to tell you this people. After coming off a huge victory against the Ravens last week, the Bengals lost to who?? They lost to the New York Jets?!?! That they did fella. Their team did not show up in this game, and because of that, they got embarrassed. Burrow still played decently, but their defense did not. They have to get back on track this week as they’ll face the Cleveland Browns.


Las Vegas Raiders (5-2)

Previous Rank – 10

I’m gonna stick to the football side of things here people because we as humans all watch the news, and we all know what happened with Ruggs. I’m not touching that issue. The Raiders will be coming off their bye week. Darren Waller should be back and healthy along with Josh Jacobs as well. They’ll face the New York Giants this week.


Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

Previous Rank – 9

The Ravens will also be coming off their bye week, and hopefully, they corrected their mistakes from when they faced the Bengals two weeks ago. I like what the Ravens could do this week with Brown, Andrews, and Bateman. I mean Lamar is Lamar let’s be real here. The Ravens will face the Vikings this week to determine who is the better purple team.


New Orleans Saints (5-2)

Previous Rank – 13

Let’s put this into perspective people. The Saints beat the Bucs with Trevor Siemian at quarterback. Jameis did play, but unfortunately, he tore his ACL in the game. This was a big win for the defense and for the coaching as once again Coach Sean got a win over Tom. Taysom Hill should be back this week from a concussion which is a good thing because the Saints face off against the Falcons this week.


Buffalo Bills (5-2)

Previous Rank – 8

The Bills should probably be higher on this list, but they didn’t play a great game against the Dolphins last week. Sure, their defense did well, but their offense looked weird in this one. It became a slugfest for a while, but Allen showed up for the second half to deliver the win. The Bills will face the Jaguars this week.


Tennessee Titans (6-2)

Previous Rank – 6

The loss of Derrick Henry for this team will be massive. The running back has to have season-ending surgery, and now the Titans’ hopes of playoffs and a Super Bowl are put into jeopardy. They did sign Adrian Peterson, but I don’t believe it will be much help. This team is now Tannehill’s on the offense. It will be weird seeing how this team operates without Henry, but this is make or break time for them. They’ll face the Los Angeles Rams this week.


Dallas Cowboys (6-1)

Previous Rank – 5

Not gonna lie, I was really nervous for the Cowboys here with Dak not playing, but did Cooper Rush put on a show or what? He was great out there. His big connection with Amari Cooper sealed the deal for Dallas to get the win. Their defense put Cousins and the Vikings in the ground though with how they played. They’ll face off against the Denver Broncos this week hopefully with a healthy Dak Prescott.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2)

Previous Rank – 3

Are the Saints Brady’s kryptonite because this is his third loss in a row to them. He still played okay here, but he did toss two interceptions in this one. The Saints defense constantly pressured him. The defense sucked here though as they let the Saints walk away with a win under Trevor Siemian. The Bucs will now look to their bye week to fix mistakes and errors they made.


Arizona Cardinals (7-1)

Previous Rank – 1

The Cardinals’ undefeated streak has come to an end (thanks AJ Green). This game looked to be a hard one for them to win as DeAndre Hopkins was hurt for most of the game, and the offense had a hard time getting in sync. They could have won the game, but thanks to AJ Green not turning around, Kyler got intercepted and they lost. Kyler took some hits in this one too. They’ll face the 49ers this week without AJ Green (COVID), but hopefully with Hopkins back at full strength.


Green Bay Packers (7-1)

Previous Rank – 4

The Packers were able to dethrone the Cardinals last Thursday, but now they have a problem. Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID, and because he is unvaccinated he will miss this game and possibly the next one. This is a big blow to them as they will get Davante Adams and Allen Lazard back, but they will be catching passes from Jordan Love. They’ll face the Chiefs this week.


Los Angeles Rams (7-1)

Previous Rank – 2

With the loss to the Cardinals, the Rams jump back up into the number one spot as I believe they are the best team in the NFL right now. Every week Stafford continues to show off his ability under new guidance and skill players. Cooper Kupp is great. Robert Woods is starting to do well again. Darrell Henderson is a great running back. Let’s also not forget they are acquiring Von Miller to go with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on that defense. They’re stars man. They’ll face the Tennessee Titans this week.

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