Monday Night Football Bet Specials: What YOU NEED TO KNOW

Normally I would take this time to recap my fantasy football week but this week I played against Steph, and there is no fun in shit-talking someone who isn’t trying to win the league like everyone else. I am just happy to see that Vo and Smalls both took L’s this week in their matchups.

After a Sunday full of some great football games, we are all lucky enough to have what I think will be a hell of a game tonight when the Buffalo Bills take on the Tennessee Titans. I think this game is going to be a scoring frenzy, and there are a few bets that I think are going to hit tonight where you can win some quick cash. I am feeling pretty good about this game. I hit a 7 team parlay for the games yesterday so I am riding into this game feeling lucky.

Before we get into the bets for this evening’s, here is a look at the 7 team parlay I hit for yesterday.

7 Team Parlay HIT.

Now onto the action for tonight’s game. These are all same game parlays, I have a feeling that at least 1 of them is going to hit. I feel that it is safe to say that the Bills are going to win this game, in what will be a very high-scoring match.

4 leg same game parlay
5 leg same game parlay
6 leg same game parlay
4 leg same game parlay

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