Start’ Em Sit’ Em Wide Receivers – Week 6

Well Brandin Cooks didn’t do that great despite the numbers Davis Mills was putting up, but at least OBJ stunk right? I know it’s terrible to say that, but I am glad I was right about my sit. If I can’t have both, I’ll like to have just one. Lots of fireworks are going to be popping off this week for wideouts, so let’s figure out who you should start and who you should sit.


Start of the Week;

Chase Claypool vs Seattle Seahawks

Claypool found success in the endzone last weekend against the Broncos, and now he will go up against a very leaky Seattle Seahawks secondary. Their defense gave up huge numbers to both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp this past Thursday, and I see good things happening for Claypool and Johnson this week. Ben should feel comfortable throwing him the ball, and you should feel comfortable locking him in as the start of the week.

Brandin Cooks vs Indianapolis Colts

Cooks has fallen off the radar in recent weeks, and I honestly think it might be a good idea for Davis Mills to spread the ball around in the offense. However, this matchup is too good to ignore. They face the Colts who let Marquise Brown bury them in coffins with his catches. Cooks should see the same here as the Colts are 25th against receivers. This should be his return to fantasy glory.

Devonta Smith vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Smith burned the Chiefs two weekends ago and did fairly well against the Panthers. Now he faces a Bucs defense that has trouble guarding wide receivers. The rookie should see a massive day here as the Bucs defense is ranked 31st in the entire NFL. That’s pretty bad people. Smith should do great here in this one just as long as Hurts keeps his cool against the Tamapa Bay pass rush.

Tee Higgins vs Detroit Lions

Higgins picked right back off where he left with double digit points last weekend against the Packers. While Chase has been a touchdown monster, I can see Higgins getting his points in as well here. The Lions defense is a decent one, but with so many receivers to keep in mind, I imagine Higgins sliding in and delivering some great fantasy points to owners everywhere. Bet on it people.

Michael Pittman Jr. vs Houston Texans

Pittman came alive last Monday against the Ravens scoring 20 points. I can see this happening once again when the Colts take on the Texans this weekend. It’s a strange one because the Texans are actually pretty good at defending wide receivers. However, the way Carson was able to get him the ball last weekend against the Ravens makes me think that it’ll happen again this weekend. It’s a nice flex option for those looking.


Emmanuel Sanders vs Tennessee Titans

Jakobi Meyers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Marvin Jones Jr. vs Miami Dolphins


Sit of the Week;

Tyler Lockett vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Take Russell Wilson out of the equation, and Tyler Lockett is immediately handicapped in his ability. Wilson just always knew how to throw the deep ball to Lockett, and the way the game ended onThursday makes me think that Geno Smith is gonna look more towards DK Metcalf instead leaving Lockett out in the cold. He’s a true boom or bust guy. This week he is not going in the right direction for fans.

Odell Beckham Jr. vs Arizona Cardinals

Beckham really hasn’t done anything since his return, and honestly it is not his fault. It is a lot of the game script and not throwing to him a lot. I’ve said it how many times. This team is built on the run and on the defense. Beckham does not fit either of those elements. I would sit him again this week as he faces the Arizona Cardinals despite the fact that the Cardinals give up decent points to wideouts. This might be make or break for Beckham here for me folks.

Robby Anderson vs Minnesota Vikings

They honestly need to find the milk carton with Robby Anderson’s face on it because he has been missing from the offense on this team now for a long time. One season ago, he was outpacing DJ Moore and doing well, but now he’s a shadow of his former self man. Darnold hardly looks his way anymore. I don’t know maybe he reminds him of the Jets and that is why he chooses not to throw him the ball. Just sit him against the Vikings this week. It’s not worth the headache.

Henry Ruggs III vs Denver Broncos

I get it people. You’re thinking “Didn’t Johnson run a deep route and beat the Denver defense for a score early”? “If that’s the case shouldn’t Ruggs be on the start section or at least be a sleeper”? The answer is no people. Carr is gonna get whacked hard in this game to the point where he can’t get enough time to throw the ball. Ruggs will go deep and Carr will miss. I actually like Hunter Renfrow a lot better for this occasion though.

Cole Beasley vs Tennessee Titans

The forgotten one; Cole Beasley. Man he used to be one of Josh Allen’s favorite targets. However, Emmanuel Sanders has proven he now has a great harmony with Allen. Dawson Knox is performing very well. Even Zack Moss is catching passes along with Gabriel Davis more than Beasley. Not sure what happened, but this dynamic is prompting me to sit Cole in all leagues until this is fixed.


Rondale Moore vs Cleveland Browns

Tim Patrick vs Las Vegas Raiders

Sammy Watkins vs Los Angeles Chargers

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