Start’ Em Sit’ Em Tight Ends – Week 6

Yo people Dawson Knox ate last weekend against the Chiefs. Told you so. That guy is gonna be something special going forward in that offense. Also, the once great Robert Tonyan failed to bring any glory to fantasy owners once again. Good thing I am starting to figure out tight end situations well so you can all do good. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve always predicted them well. Let’s predict some more good ones this week!


Start of the Week;

Dawson Knox vs Tennessee Titans

Dawson Knox has earned a lot of people’s spots on their fantasy teams after what he has been able to do these past few weeks. Last week was just something else though as he decimated the Chiefs defense into the ground with over 100 yards and a score. I like him a lot again this week with Josh Allen making this kid a star in his own right, and for people who are in tight end hell trying to climb out.

Dalton Schultz vs New England Patriots

The same can be said about one Dalton Schultz. Somehow in a Dallas Cowboys team that has so many weapons, he continues to be in the eyes of Prescott throwing the ball. It’s unusual, but I am not gonna complain about and either are his fantasy owners as he keeps delivering week in and week out. He goes up against a Patriots team that currently is the number one team against tight ends, but I faith in Schultz to produce this week.

Hunter Henry vs Dallas Cowboys

Hunter Henry seems to be the tight end that the Patriots are currently leaning on now as he has had back-to-back weeks of double digit points. He almost even cracked 20 points this past matchup against the Texans. The Cowboys are ranked 22nd against tight ends so it might be make or break for this matchup, but we will have to wait and see because you never know with Jonnu Smith on the team as well. It’s a risk, but it’s one I would bet on this week. Start him.

Tyler Higbee vs New York Giants

I am usually not that big of a fan of Tyler Higbee, but I got to tell you this matchup against the Giants is so enticing. The Giants are in ruins right now, and their defense isn’t that great (at all) at defending tight ends. They are 26th in the NFL. So gamble on the fact if Stafford will throw him the ball cause we all know he doesn’t really like tight ends, but this is another risk I am just willing to take based on matchup.

Zach Ertz vs Tamp Bay Buccaneers

Zach Ertz comes back into the picture due to the fact that Dallas Goedert will miss this game after being placed on the COVID list. Ertz will be stepping in and honestly despite Goedert’s involvement, Ertz has been doing decent work. He will now get the full workload against the Tamp Bay Buccaneers who aren’t great at defending against tight ends either. Their defense against tight ends is ranked 27th in the NFL. That’s bottom tier people. Ertz should do well here being streamed this week.


Jared Cook vs Baltimore Ravens

Ricky Seals-Jones vs Kansas City Chiefs

Dan Arnold vs Miami Dolphins


Sit of the Week;

TJ Hockenson vs Cincinnati Bengals

This hurts man, and it’s not Hock’s fault here. The Lions are down linemen, and in order to help they put TJ in to help with the blocking. The situation with Hockenson is a very concerning one as he went from very productive to not productive at all. I understand if you gotta play him, but man just be warned cause the matchup is not great either. The Bengals are pretty good at defending tight ends.

Robert Tonyan vs Chicago Bears

How the mighty have fallen people? Tonyan was once a redzone target god, but all of that has kind of gone up in smoke this season. It’s sad because he was drafted so high for tight ends, and the hype train never got to the end of the station sadly. The matchup against the Bears is also not a great one. Their defense is ranked 6th defending against tight end. It won’t really matter though seeing how Aaron Rodgers barely targets him anymore.

David Njoku vs Arizona Cardinals

The amount of waiver requests to get Njoku are literally insane. Like come on people don’t buy into the hype of one game. The kid is coming off his best game of his whole career putting up over 30 points against the Chargers. This will not happen again. They will go back to Austin Hooper. Stop this nonsense because it doesn’t make sense. The matchup against the Cardinals is not a good one either. They’re second in the league at defending the position. Just no guys come on. Be better than this.

Tyler Conklin vs Carolina Panthers

I honestly should just reserve a spot here for Conklin until Cousins and him can make some magic again. Sadly, it hasn’t happened in weeks, and I won’t let people be fooled by this. Don’t start Conklin guys. The Panthers are decently good at defending against tight ends, and Cousins has so many options to throw to other than him. Avoid and fade it hard this week people.

Cole Kmet vs Green Bay Packers

Kmet is someone I want to do very well in the NFL. He’s got talent and ability, but like everything else in the world it sucks because of Matt Nagy. Give the kid some chances man. Have Fields target a reliable tight end once in a while to help him out. I know they won’t and that is the problem. He should have a good chance at doing well, but he is limited by bad play calling and coaching. I can’t tell you how many people have already dropped him from their leagues. You might want to do the same after this week.


Evan Engram vs Los Angeles Rams

Cameron Brate vs Philadelphia Eagles

Anthony Firkser vs Buffalo Bills

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