Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 6

I’m just gonna apologize to you guys now. Kirk Cousins will not be on the starts for quite some time as I gave him another chance as the start of the week and he flopped bad. Who would have thought facing the Lions right? To make matters worse, Baker Mayfield went off when I put him as the sit of the week. Oh well. It’s a new week people. The NFL is crazy enough with everything going on. With that being said, let’s get you your quarterback starts and sits for week six.


Start of the Week;

Jalen Hurts vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seems no matter what he does, Hurts scores points in fantasy. He didn’t throw a single touchdown last week, but he did run two scores in himself which in fantasy football means a lot of points. He has a tough matchup ahead of him against the Buccaneers on Thursday, but the Buccaneers are 23rd in the NFL against opposing quarterbacks. I guarantee you Hurts gets a boat load of points for you this week.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Seattle Seahawks

Despite the loss of JuJu, I firmly believe Ben will succeed this week when he and the Steelers take on the Seattle Seahawks Sunday night. Ben was able to regain some youth and confidence back last week tossing a ball down the field to Dionate Johnson for the long score, and find Chase Claypool for another score. This Seattle defense is bad man, and Ben should be able to exploit that especially with the defense picking up the pace against Geno. He’s a nice play this week.

Sam Darnold vs Minnesota Vikings

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Sam Darnold after one bad performance. Yes it was bad. He tossed three interceptions to the Eagles. However, I believe he bounces back this week against the Minnesota Vikings. The matchup seems bad, but keep in mind he probably will have McCaffrey back to ensure those dump off passes. DJ Moore should also do a lot better this week, and don’t be surprised if Darnold runs one in himself.

Joe Burrow vs Detroit Lions

Burrow was able to put together a nice bit of points against the Packers last weekend. Despite his throat issue, I see him as a great play this weekend against the Lions. Their defense gave Kirk Cousins a run for his money, but you just gotta trust me on this one. I know I have a bad track record betting against the Lions with quarterbacks, but man this just seems too good to be true. Start him.

Trevor Lawrence vs Miami Dolphins

Lawrence hasn’t been all that great this season, but there’s a lot to go into it besides his ability. The play calling isn’t the best, and James Robinson is finally starting to find a groove in the offense. The kid has talent, and he should hopefully do well against the Miami Dolphins. Their defense just gave up five touchdowns to Tom Brady last weekend. Now it shouldn’t be those kind of numbers, but with stats like that, you can’t ignore the play this week in Lawrence.


Carson Wentz vs Houston Texans

Taylor Heinicke vs Kansas City Chiefs

Tua/Tagovailoa/Jacoby Brissett vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Sit of the Week;

Justin Fields vs Green Bay Packers

Believe it or not, this might seem like a great play to some people given that Alexander is out, and the secondary won’t be the same. However, I really haven’t seen too much out of Fields to make me want to start him. The kid has only thrown one touchdown pass this season, and he hyper extended his knee last week against the Raiders. He practiced fully, but to me this is not a good matchup despite some upside in it.

Ryan Tannehill vs Buffalo Bills

Tannehill has just not been himself lately man. He only scored one touchdown last weekend against a lack luster Jacksonville defense. Now he has to contend with the Buffalo Bills who honestly have the best defense in football right now. Given this might be a Derrick Henry run game to try to get anything out of it, I will be avoiding Tannehill at all costs this week. So should you.

Derek Carr vs Denver Broncos

Derek Carr had a rough go last weekend against the Bears, and honestly I don’t see anything getting better anytime soon. Now he faces another highly pressure inducing defense in the Broncos. You can bet your ass that both Miller and Chubb will after Carr to get him rattled. Could he take a deep shot in this one? Perhaps, but I am not willing to bet on it. Carr just isn’t a smart play for me this week.

Baker Mayfield vs Arizona Cardinals

Baker was able to find success last weekend against the Chargers, but I don’t see the trend continuing into this week against the Arizona Cardinals. Their defense ranks in the top ten against opposing quarterbacks. I just don’t see this being a good one for Baker here coming off that stinging loss to the Chargers. I’d fade him and find someone else honestly.

Kirk Cousins vs Carolina Panthers

Kirky boy did me dirty one too many times, and he once again finds himself on the sit list. The matchup is not a great one to be fair as Cousins will face the Panthers this week. They held Jalen Hurts to no passing touchdowns and an interception. So unless Kirk is gonna turn into a mobile quarterback and score it’s not gonna happen. This Carolina defense is good and they should keep Cousins at bay this week.


Jared Goff vs Cincinnati Bengals

Davis Mills vs Indianapolis Colts

Geno Smith vs Pittsburgh Steelers

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