Chip’s Blog Number Three

Well here we are again cause you know they are not taking Logan Thomas
or D’Ernest Johnson.

Congrats to Denny (was really hoping he did well at the casino)

Once again my receiving corps stunk up the joint. Perhaps it wasnt a
fluke  3 WR’S = 27.7 points while back at the ranch the bench was
kicking butt.

Not sure who should feel the heat for this decision the owner or the
coach and not that it would matter much with Tyreek scoring a gazillion
but something has to be done to shake up this organization!

Next up we have the QB Carousel. Perhaps he will go to the zoo and
forget about life for awhile and I can sneek in a win.

Good Luck next week Ryan!

And while I am sitting at the computer, I just want it said that
agreeing to do this every week was a whole lot easier when I thought Josh was gonna do it!!!!!

See you all next week

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