Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 2

What a crazy week one for NFL right? In terms of being correct, I’d honestly have to say it was leaning more towards I screwed up for last week, but overall it wasn’t a bad prediction setting for week one. Now week two comes around. Let’s see what we can do for your fantasy teams this week in terms of quarterbacks.


Start of the Week;

Matt Stafford vs Indianapolis Colts

Stafford rejoiced in his performance against the Bears week one as he put up three passing touchdowns. He’ll look to score big again this week when he takes on the Indianapolis Colts. Their defense was swiss cheese against Russell Wilson as he put up four passing scores against them. Look for Stafford to try to tie that one up because in my mind, the Rams are going to score early and often through the air in this one.

Jalen Hurts vs San Francisco 49ers

This is a hard one for me because I believe that the 49ers are still an elite defense. However, despite an interception and pressuring Jared Goff last week, the Lions had a chance to come back. Hurts on the other hand delivered a stellar performance against a raggedy Atlanta secondary. So, I am rolling the dice and starting Hurts this week. The kid showed skill through the air and on the ground. Get him in your lineups against the 49ers this week.

Ryan Tannehill vs Seattle Seahawks

Last week despite a brutal loss, Tannehill managed to put up decent fantasy numbers with a touchdown through the air and on the ground. Look for him and this team to bounce back in a shootout as they take on the Seattle Seahawks. The ground game will be much friendly to Derrick Henry meaning Tannehill will have better timing and accuracy throwing the football. I also wouldn’t hate another rushing score for this one as well for him.

Jameis Winston vs Carolina Panthers

Is Jameis truly back, or was this a flash in the pan kind of scenario? Last week he put up five touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers in impressive fashion without Michael Thomas. This team is gonna be very interesting this year. This also bolds well for this week as Winston will take on the Carolina Panthers. Their defense did decent against the Jets pressuring Zach Wilson. However, the Saints have a better offensive line which will help Jameis a lot for this week.

Matt Ryan vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matt Ryan was not good last week against the Eagles. However, he didn’t turn the ball over which is decent I guess. He does face the defending Super Bowl Champions this week in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their defense made some mistakes, and last week Dak put up three touchdowns and over 400 yards. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Matty Ice this week because he needs to put some serious numbers if they hope to win this game.


Ben Roethlisberger vs Las Vegas Raiders

Baker Mayfield vs Houston Texans

Mac Jones vs New York Jets


Sit of the Week;

Jared Goff vs Green Bay Packers

I know Goff did well against the 49ers last weekend. I know Green Bay gave up five touchdowns to Jameis Winston. So why is Goff my sit of the week? I just don’t trust this matchup people. Green Bay got embarrassed last weekend, and they will look to make an example out of their divisional rival. I honestly don’t hate the running backs this week, but in terms of Goff, yes I would fade on him against the Packers.

Kirk Cousins vs Arizona Cardinals

Kirky boy did okay against the Cincinnati Bengals last week, but they still lost in overtime. He now goes up against the Cardinals. Their defense totaled six sacks against Tennessee last weekend. I know how Kirk does under pressure. It does not work. He also had trouble connecting on a few throws last week, and that is concerning situations. I don’t trust the offensive line this week, and I don’t trust Cousins.

Tyrod Taylor vs Cleveland Browns

Tyrod had an amazing first game against the Jaguars last weekend. Don’t chase points this week people. He’ll go up against one of his former teams; the Cleveland Browns. Their defense is considerably greater than the Jaguars, and I think the pressure will get to Tyrod and cause him to make mistakes. Just take my word for it cause I would not feel comfortable starting him this weekend against the Browns.

Trevor Lawrence vs Denver Broncos

Lawrence didn’t have the debut people were expecting. Sure, he threw for three touchdowns, but he also threw three interceptions against a bad defense in the Houston Texans. A lot of it I blame on coaching, but Lawrence will have to prove himself against a much better defense this week against the Denver Broncos. Their defense got after Daniel Jones quite often with Chubb and Miller. Plus the secondary did really well against the Giants last week. Lawrence has a hill to climb this week. Don’t climb with him this week because you will fall.

Zach Wilson vs New England Patriots

Zach Wilson struggled early in this one against the Carolina Panthers. He was able to pick up the pieces later though and salvage an okay fantasy performance. However, the offensive line is a big concern especially with Becton going down for some time. Plus, the New England defense was very good despite some minor mistakes against the Dolphins last week. I believe Wilson will have a very tough time in this which is the reason for the sit.


Derek Carr vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Andy Dalton vs Cincinnati Bengals

Taylor Heinicke vs New York Giants

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