Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 1

Ladies and gentlemen. The Start’ Em Sit’ Em articles are back. That’s right people. Let’s look at who which quarterbacks are good to start this week and which ones are good to sit. Don’t forget the sleepers and busts as well. Most importantly, welcome back it’s football season baby!


Start of the Week;

Jalen Hurts vs Atlanta Falcons

Hurts is going into his first starting year as the Eagle’s quarterback. So it is a little understanding as to why people might be cautious starting him, but he has a wonderful matchup this week against Atlanta. Their defense was horrible in 2020, and I don’t believe it has gotten better. Hurts will find a way to do damage through the air and on the ground.

Ryan Tannehill vs Arizona Cardinals

Tannehill might have a tough matchup on paper against the Arizona Cardinals, but honestly, this could turn into a shoot-out real fast with Arizona’s secondary taking a hit with Malcolm Butler possibly retiring. Plus with A.J. Brown and Julio Jones at his side, Tannehill has the ability to put up a significant amount of fantasy points even with Derrick Henry running the ball a lot. Start him with confidence.

Joe Burrow vs Minnesota Vikings

Yes, the offensive line is still kind of suspect. Yes, I hate the Cincinnati Bengals. Yes, Joe Burrow just had surgery. However, Burrow has the chance to light this poor excuse of a Minnesota defense up this week. He should have plenty of talent around him to do it with Chase, Higgins, and Boyd as his receivers. Look for this kid to start off right this season with a big win.

Kirk Cousins vs Cincinnati Bengals

On the flip side, Kirk Cousins comes into the spotlight as another starting quarterback in week one. Some might think the Bengals defense has gotten better. It has, but I still don’t think this defense has the stance to stand up this receiving core of Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. Plus, Dalvin Cook should do well in the receiving game too. So, Cousins should be good to go if he doesn’t fold under the pressure. Luckily, that shouldn’t happen cause it is a 1:00 game.

Trevor Lawrence vs Houston Texans

The rookie will have a nice starting match of the season when he faces off against arguably the worst team in the NFL right now; the Houston Texans. Their team has been in shambles for months now, and Lawrence being a diamond in the rough in Jacksonville. Some are worried about this kid in the Jaguars’ system. They should be, but not for this game. Lawrence should be great in this one.


Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance vs Detroit Lions

Sam Darnold vs New York Jets

Tyrod Taylor vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Sit of the Week;

Ben Roethlisberger vs Buffalo Bills

Ben and the Steelers have a tough task in week one when they take on the Buffalo Bills. Mostly, this is going to be a tough one for Big Ben. The Buffalo defense is nothing to joke about, and they will be looking to make a statement going into the 2021 season. Ben is 39 years old, and the offensive line is in rebuild mode. Not to mention, there will also be a new offensive coordinator in the mix for Ben to work with. Most of that play still honestly benefits rookie running back Najee Harris not Big Ben. Keep him sidelined for future matches.

Matt Stafford vs Chicago Bears

I like Stafford this season a lot. However, a week one matchup against the Bears isn’t one I’m too fond of. Despite of what people might think of their defense is still a dangerous one. I might be playing to safe here which sucks since I love Stafford so much, but maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Save Stafford for future games. I know the secondary in Chicago isn’t great, but play it safe here and start someone else.

Tua Tagovailoa vs New England Patriots

Tua has to prove this year that the Dolphins made the right decision drafting him as their quarterback last year. He will be under center as the starter for the full season. He has a very tough challenge ahead of him against a Patriots defense in which most of their defensive talent is coming back after sitting out last year because of COVID. Yes, there will be no Gilmore in the secondary, but Bill is going to be pounding the defense to knock Tua off his game. Don’t start him this week.

Derek Carr vs Baltimore Ravens

Carr and the Raiders have a tough task at hand this first week against the Baltimore Ravens. Despite numbers Carr puts up, this defense is nothing to joke with as they are a top-five unit. The run defense is gonna shut down Jacobs and Drake which means Carr will have to throw the ball, and honestly I still don’t trust the Raiders receiving core. That leaves Carr’s number one option as tight end Darren Waller. It’s not a bad option, but they will be defending him non-stop. Just avoid Carr this week.

Jameis Winston vs Green Bay Packers

Famous Jameis finally has his first chance back at the starting role in the quarterback position. However, now he is going to have to prove that Sean Payton made. He will have a very tough task at hand when he goes against the Green Bay Packers. I would be loving Alvin Kamara here as their run defense is worse than their secondary led by Jaire Alexander. Plus, without Michael Thomas the Saints’ receiving core is a little shaky. As a precaution, I would sit Jameis this week.


Carson Wentz vs Seattle Seahawks

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Los Angeles Chargers

Zach Wilson vs Carolina Panthers

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