Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 1

Running Backs; The most important NFL position when it comes to fantasy football. With so little room for running back error where on Earth can you turn for the best advice. Right here people. Thoughts From The Bench has you covered every week in this Start’ Em Sit’ Em articles. Let’s check out the running backs!


Start of the Week;

James Robinson vs Houston Texans

Robinson has big work planned for him this season. His season was up in the air with Travis Etienne coming in, but with him suffering a season ending injury, his stock rises again. He should be well used in your lineup this weekend as he faces off against the disgruntled Houston Texans. Their defense took a hit upfront with the loss of JJ Watt, and that should help Robinson out a lot considering Trevor Lawrence is still a rookie.

Chase Edmonds vs Tennessee Titans

Edmonds has a chance to shine this season in Arizona. A lot of individuals are worried though about the other running back in Arizona; James Conner. While it is true that Conner has some upside, he is in a new offense and is injury prone. Edmonds should be the prime running back until someone says otherwise. He also has a very nice matchup on hand in week one when he plays the Tennessee Titans. Their defense is not great and Edmonds can catch out of the backfield as well which gives him great looks in week one.

Gus Edwards vs Las Vegas Raiders

Edwards has a huge opportunity now that JK Dobbins is done for the season. While it is true that running backs in Baltimore have to be taken with a grain of salt due to lamar’s rushing ability, Edwards should be a prime back to go with week one. The Raiders rushing defense was one of the worst in the league last year, and it has not gotten better. Gus “The Bus” Edwards should be in your starting lineups for week one.

Raheem Mostert vs Detroit Lions

I get it. I get it. The running back system in San Francisco is honestly one of the worst systems to trust for fantasy purposes. So if you feel comfortable throw Trey Sermon in here as well. The Detroit Lions rushing defense was by far the worst in the NFL last season. Mostert might be a little older, but he knows how to turn on the jets and fly fast. Whether it is him or Sermon, I would put my faith in both of them in this one.

Damien Harris vs Miami Dolphins

Harris looked to be the starting back in New England last year, and now his status still stays with me as a true starting running back in New England despite having White and Stevenson there as well. He should not have any issues going up against the Miami Dolphins. I expect a good showing on the ground as well as a score from this guy right here.


Darrell Henderson vs Chicago Bears

Mike Davis vs Philadelphia Eagles

Phillip Lindsay vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Sit of the Week;

D’Andre Swift vs San Francisco 49ers

Swift in the beginning was a for sure starting running back for the Lions, but now with still dealing with an injury, not playing at all in preseason and the presence of one Jamaal Williams, his status for week one has become very concerning. Not only that, but he is facing a San Francisco defense that is getting a majority of their star talent back on the defense. This includes the monster that is Nick Bosa. I would honestly avoid Swift at all costs this week because who even knows if he plays.

Josh Jacobs vs Baltimore Ravens

It is odd to find Jacobs here on the sit list because I was so high on him last season. However, he has some injury concerns, and they also made another signing at running back; Kenyan Drake. While it is true that Drake will mostly be used in passing scenarios, let us not forget one thing. The Ravens defense is tough especially against the run. One might think that Drake might come into effect depending on how far the Raiders fall in this game.

Myles Gaskin vs New England Patriots

Gaskin is an odd one here, but man I do not like this week one matchup, and I especially do not like the Miami backfield. Gaskin in my mind is not the guy. You all might think by them not signing a running back that that proved he was the guy. My approach is that Miami is going to use a running back committee approach. Now Gaskin might get more reps than others, but they also have Malcolm Brown and Salvon Ahmed. I don’t trust this system with running backs, and I certainly don’t trust Gaskin in this one going up against a good defense in New England for week one.

Melvin Gordon vs New York Giants

Gordon right now is the starting running back, but for how long is the question? Javonte Williams has proven that he can take the starting role whenever he wants with his performances in preseason. Plus the Broncos and Gordon have a sneaky matchup on defense against the New York Giants. While their overall defense is starting to get better, their front defensive unit is starting to be on the uprise. It is hard to imagine that Gordon does well in this game given those reasons. Some can’t afford to completely sit him so he is a dangerous flex start at best people.

Zack Moss vs Pittsburgh Steelers

It will be hard to determine who will be the starting running back in Buffalo, but I would honestly bet on Moss. However, I would be betting against Moss (and Singletary) in this one against Pittsburgh. Their defense is top and knows how to stop the run effectively. I believe Josh Allen will do okay running the ball, but it is just going to be a hard time convincing me which running back will do well, and honestly I don’t think it will be either of them. Better safe then sorry and just sit Moss out on this one.


Ronald Jones vs Dallas Cowboys

Tevin Coleman vs Carolina Panthers

Mark Ingram vs Jacksonville Jaguars

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