Game 1 Spin Zone

Look, the Bucks lost game one. Surprise, surprise, the hottest offensive team in the playoffs beat the defensively minded team. The team that has won every first game they have played in these playoffs won the first game again. Consequently the team that has lost all but one of the first games lost again.

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Did you watch the post game press conferences? It almost looked like the Bucks knew they would lose this game. They essentially played run and gun basketball with the Suns for two quarters. Why did they do that? Did they want to lose the game on purpose?

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Of course they did, because now they know how the Suns want to play.

Look the Phoenix Suns offensively are superior to the Bucks, but so were the Nets, so were the Hawks. We know the Bucks algorithm to success. Get points in the paint and force teams to beat your defense. The Bucks needed to see this team play a game to draw up some defense. Hell watch the second half back, it is a much closer game after they learned what the Suns wanted to do! You think they let Brooks Lopez guard Chris Paul on accident?

No they wanted to rough him up a little. They wanted CP3 to feel like this was going to be an easy series for him. Just wait till game two when he gets a steady diet of Jrue Holiday and PJ Tucker. Those 36 year old bones are gonna feel real different. He is going to want to take out an extra life insurance policy with his buddy Jake.

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If you’re a Bucks fan and panicking don’t this is why it’s a series. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bucks lost game 2 as well. That will be less on purpose but they learned what they needed to do to shut them down. Now it’s time to implement. Game 2 and 3 will look very similar to the Nets series. Where they will suffocate Chris Paul just like they did to Kyrie. Extinguishing the rest of the offense outside of Devin Booker. Also let’s not forget this at the 1:10 mark.

Bucks in 7.

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