Deke’s 2021 4 Spot Mock

We’re a blog, plain and simple. A blog that doesn’t blog is…just a. Elsass has been blogging away about the Buck’s (i will NOT mention their sadness from last night) so it’s only fair that I blog on the blog to maintain our blog status. Blog.

I know, I know. Everyone would much rather me blog about the Suns and Chris Paul’s dominance, or perhaps how Vo dropped arguably our best piece of content EVER this morning.

Maybe you’d rather me discuss the Pro’s and Con’s or athletes finally getting compensation for their likeness in the NCAA or the fact that weed somehow, someway is now considered some racist form of PED but no. You get a mock draft and you’ll like it. From the 4 spot. Using Sleeper. They followed me on twitter the other day too, NBD.


A 12 team full point PPR mock against all the bots. Look, if you play in a traditional league, that’s boring. If you play with half point PPR, you’re a wuss. Full point, pedal top the gas living my life a quarter mile at a time. #Family.

First Pick

Derrick Henry, Run CMC and Jonathan Taylor were all gone with the first three picks. One thing to note here – I love me some JT, but I am all in on Alvin Kamara having another splendid year. When it comes to the top 4/5 picks, it should be some combination of those three guys, Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook in my opinion. Barkley, Chubb and Zeke are all wonderful options to have but they feel a little less safe in terms of that high pick value. I’ll take one Alvin Kamara please sir.

Second Pick

On the wrap, the nice situation with being a top 4/5 pick is that I get a top tier guy and can cuck the other top tier guys on the wrap. Five receivers are now off the board as well as Mahomes and Kelce, but I’m a massive QB Late type of guy. The difference between Mahomes and someone like Tannehill at the end of the year just doesn’t warrant an 8 round difference. A.J. Brown and Justin Jefferson sit atop the WR’s available, but there’s this nagging voice inside my head…”Deke…Do It.” I snag my second running back here with Alabama’s own Najee Harris. I am a homer. I am a Yinzer. I AM NAJEE.

Third Pick

I’ve had this conversation in my head lately about what to do with the flex position. More often than not, you can get a starting caliber receiver in the later rounds meaning that using your flex on an upper level RB can win you a season. Think about it – would you rather have a guy like CEH, Josh Jacobs or Miles Sanders bringing in upwards of 14+ points a week, or try to fill out your roster with receivers at all three. I don’t think you’re “wrong” for whatever your answer is, but I’m going to try the RB-Rb-RB strategy this year. Clyde Edwards-Helaire for the win.

Fourth Pick

Now though, we must attack the WR position. Cooper Kupp is right there all young and spry alongside D.J. Moore, someone who can be a league winner if Darnold hits form. Theilen, Woods and Lamb round out that core giving me some hope I can walk out of here with my two starting WR’s, making the CEH pick golden. One thing to note – Kyle Pitts is available here, but I just can’t (thank you Greg Malek) trust rookie TE’s, no matter how insane they really are. I love Matthew Stafford, so let’s get Matthew Berry’s Little Cooper Kupp.

Fifth Pick

Robert Woods, Kenny Golladay and D.J. Moore all go on the wrap, leaving me with Theilen and Lamb to decide between for my WR2. Lockett and Ja’Marr Chase are there as well, but Lockett’s Boom-or-Bust nature scares me after failing to collect a single point in some games over the last two seasons. Chase will be elite, we can all agree with that but in a division with three solid secondaries and a rookie curve, I can’t make him a WR2 at this point. If it wasn’t for Theilen’s touchdown dependency last season he would be my pick here, but I really think that Dallas offense has enough fire power to make Lamb a wonderful option. CeeDee and Kupp. I like that a lot.

Sixth Pick

Tight Ends and Quarterbacks are on a sort of run at the moment but my strat on TE’s is if you can’t get a great one, don’t get an average one. I like Noah Fant, but Logan Thomas could finish the year with the same exact points at a much cheaper value. If you aren’t getting Kelce, Kittle, Waller or Andrews, don’t break the bank just because you need a TE. Odds are one of the top 10 TE’s in fantasy this year won’t even be drafted (COME ON ADAM TRAUTMAN!) If we had a little more information on Aaron Rodgers, I would actually love him in the sixth. Dude is a top 5 play when on the field every single time, but knowing what we know I just don’t love what’s happening in Green Bay. Juju, Diontae Johnson and D.J. Chark are all super unsexy picks available. One of them will be very usable, but it’s an ugly gamble to me. Although another Homer pick, Big Ben loves throwing stupid little dumps. Give me Johnson.

Seventh Pick

Rodgers and Lawrence both go which is 100% fine in my book. I was slightly hoping (but not really) that Chark or Mostert fell to me but both were taken. I know that a lot of people are super duper scared of the Texans this season, but I just love Brandin Cooks. Dude has been a constant producer and can still burn. Tyrod Taylor is a wonderful fill in to that offense with Watson’s status unknown and although I think his production isn’t quite as high without Watson, give me Cooks. I also love Jeudy here, but that Qb situation is sketchy at best in Denver.

Eighth Pick

Ugh. Hate you, hate you, LOATHE YOU, this one’s ugly. I do like me some Tom Brady despite his old ass and stupid face, but it’s still early for a QB for me. TE is interesting, but I’m hoping I can snag Dallas Goedart on the wrap here. I don’t know who the RB1 is after Josh Allen in Buffalo, but I do know that Zach Moss has the best opportunity for stardom there. Bills Mafia Baebay.

Ninth Pick

Fuck team 3, Dallas went instantly. Stupid robots. I do like some of the TE options here but knowing what I know, I can get someone next round. I just don’t love Irv Smith or Mike Gesicki THAT MUCH to snag one because I feel like I need to. I do think that Trey Sermon takes over the backfield in San Fran, so let’s snag him to sit the bench for a few weeks until Mostert’s wheels fall off.

Trey Sermon Ohio State Football GIF - TreySermon OhioStateFootball GIFs

Tenth Pick

Man, these robots. Gesicki, Thomas, Tonyan and Smith all go leaving me with some decent options in Hunter Henry and Tyler Higbee. Higbee scares me for one simple reason – Matt Stafford hates tight ends. I don’t know if the Patriots will use Smith or Henry more, but Hunter Henry is a red zone threat when healthy and a solid vet.

Eleventh Pick

Let’s get us a QB! One thing to note about the late QB strat – I almost always grab two. Matt Ryan, Trey Lance, Carson Wentz, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kirk Cousins are all currently available and although none really get me out of bed in the morning, all can be good enough to win your league. I know most people hate the guy, but JJ and Theilen paired with Dalvin Cook is too much talent for me not to take Kirk Cousins here.

Twelfth Pick

Dang, Trey Lance went. If you go with a late QB as your backup, snagging Trey Lance just gives you a head start on everyone trying to get him from the waiver wire once he takes over. Jimmy G can still take this team to the Super Bowl mind you, but there’s a reason Lance went as high as he did. Since Lance is gone, I love the fact that Wentz ends up in Indy behind the best line in football with a flourishing run game. I think Wentz could get back to Playoff form and love him paired with Kirk as my QB’s this season.

Thirteenth Pick

I’m going no kicker in this draft so sue me, but it’s just too tempting to snag Kamara’s handcuff Latavius Murray in the 13th round. Last season Kamara had some issues making Murray fairly useful. I don’t forsee those same issues hindering Kamara this season, but snagging your handcuff is ALWAYS a smart move in a high offense.

Fourteenth Pick

I don’t really know why the Washington Football Team defense fell this far, but they have the best front four in the NFL and I don’t really think it’s close. The secondary leaves some spots to be desired, but Chase Young will be in DPOY conversations this year, making them a high scoring offense in fantasy.

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