Who Will Be the Colts Quarterback?

Thank you Philip Rivers! For years of hard work, and yelling out the craziest things that weren’t swear words to the audience and probably your 900 kids you have at home. It was great to see you play in the NFL man, and this year with the Colts almost led you to something great. So for all those years, I thank you sir and wish you a great retirement!

The question that is on everyone’s mind right now is “Who is going to replace Rivers as the Colt’s quarterback”? Rightfully so because I thought Rivers was going to be playing one more season, and now I am confused as to who it will be? I have drummed up some names to replace the legendary Rivers as the Colts quarterback.

10.) Cam Newton

Current Team – New England Patriots

Now Cam is on the bottom of the list for a number of reasons. One, his stats this season weren’t the best in the passing game. Two, he threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Three, it seems that Ron Rivera from Washington is the most likely to land Cam Newton , but we shouldn’t cut him out because of these. With that offensive line, Newton can do a lot of his run game style which gave him more rushing touchdowns than he did last season. It’s a thought to consider at least.

9.) Andy Dalton

Current Team – Dallas Cowboys

Another choice would be veteran quarterback Andy Dalton. He is a free agent after this season, and granted he didn’t have the best season with Dallas, but he was brought in to be a game manager. That obviously wasn’t the case as the Cowboys crumbled around him without Dak Prescott. “If” the Cowboys decide to keep Prescott, Andy might be out the door and could find himself a spot on the Colts. This is near the end just because the veteran angle was played with Rivers already, and they might want to go a different direction.

8.) Mitch Trubisky

Current Team – Chicago Bears

Trubisky is a free agent after this year, and to be honest, the Chicago Bears haven’t been the greatest supporter of this guy getting Nick Foles before the season started, but yeah I don’t believe the Bears pick up Mitch’s fifth-year option and he will likely become a free agent going into the 2021 season. He’s still young and with that offensive line could help develop into his style of play. I like him for the Colts as a last resort option.

7.) Tyrod Taylor

Current Team – Los Angeles Chargers

Tyrod never got the opportunity to show of his ability as he was replaced by Justin Herbert when the Chargers doctor punctured his lung. He was then kept off the field as Herbert was simply balling out. The Chargers owe it to Tyrod to trade him to a team that needs a quarterback. He could be a good fit for the Colts. He barely turns the ball over, and that offensive line could make it could for him to keep the ball and run. Something also tells me he would mash well with Jonathan Taylor.

6.) Dak Prescott

Current Team – Dallas Cowboys

Let’s be honest here. Dak has not gotten the respect he deserves from the Cowboys, and when he was looking to get a big contract done, he gets hurt. It will all depend on if Jerry isn’t a dick and gives Dak the job and the money he deserves. However, if he doesn’t then a bunch of teams are going to be flooding his way. One that has a lot of cap space and can afford him are the Indianapolis Colts.

5.) Jacoby Brissett

Current Team – Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby is a free agent after this season, but there is no reason that the Colts couldn’t resign him for a year to figure out that their quarterback situation. It’s a bit of a copout move considering he is still a Colt, and that might be the direction that they take given how decently successful he was before Rivers took over, but that is why it is at the halfway point and not closer up. It’s a smart move by them, but they need to find a successor.

4.) Justin Fields

Current Team – Declared for 2021 NFL Draft

The Ohio State product has declared for the draft and will be high on the radars of teams to try to get him to fix their quarterback issues. The Colts may be one of those teams that wants to trade up to get him, but in order to do that they would need to give up a bunch in order to do that. Plus, the issues with Ohio State quarterbacks have got to be ringing in the ears to make this decision even more difficult.

3.) Sam Darnold

Current Team – New York Jets

Darnold is in a spot because a lot of mock drafts have the Jets taking a quarterback at this spot. This would mean that Darnold would be on the move to somewhere else and thank god because he needs it. With barely anything going for him in New York, the wise move would be to send him to a team that needs a quarterback. The Colts would be perfect for him to go to. They have a great line, great weapons, and a great defense that would give Darnold time to recover on the sideline if neccessary.

2.) Mac Jones

Current Team – Declared for 2021 NFL Draft

It may not be the most popular option, but a system like Alabama gave Mac Jones the ability to succeed in college. A great system is what he needs, and the Colts are that system. He would have a great running back with Taylor like he did with Harris. He would have a good wide receiver core with Hilton, Pittman, and Pascal. He would also have a great defense to work with. It might be the most logical solution come draft day.

1.) Carson Wentz

Current Team – Philadelphia Eagles

The Colts fans might not be happy with this one, but maybe a shot in the dark is what they need. Carson Wentz had a horrible 2020 season, and not having the line or the weapons he needed might be an easy answer, but the relationship dwindled between him and Pederson. There was no spark anymore. Granted, Doug is gone now and they might keep him, but Jalen Hurts proved to be good. Wentz does not want to be a backup, and sending him to the Colts might be a great solution for both teams. The upgrade in offensive line might be the best as Wentz got sacked 50 times last season.

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