Moorhead’s NFL 2021 Coaching Carousel

With the craziness of the NFL already starting to cause blow ups for coaches and them getting fired, it is time for some bold predictions as to where some of these coaches will be going in the 2021 season. Again these are just my opinions, but my opinions are always great so they should be listened to. Let’s get started. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Atlanta Falcons

Eric Bieniemy

OC for Kansas City Chiefs

Bieniemy will finally have his shot at an NFL team. I predict he will land with the Atlanta Falcons to fix some of their offensive problems they have. If they draft Justin Fields this also makes sense because he would find his guy and create a masterful amount of offensive plays to fire up the Falcons. He would need to put some input on the defense as well, but one step at a time.

Detroit Lions

Robert Saleh

DC for San Francisco 49ers

Saleh was supposed to be a head coach, but the Browns went with Kevin Stafanski instead, and it actually turned out well. now the 49ers defense wasn’t great this year, but they had so many injuries and with COVID too, it was unreal. The Lions make the most for me with Saleh. He was born in Michigan, and knows Detroit very well. he can also be a huge people person and guy the locker room would love (unlike Patricia…idiot). His resume speaks for itself.

Houston Texans

Arthur Smith

OC for Tennessee Titans

Now I want to say that this is probably the least attractive of the coaching jobs in the NFL for 2021. However, if there was one guy I would consider for it, it would be Arthur Smith, the offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans. Having a head coach from an enemy team wouldn’t be the worst idea, so who knows. It’s not a great one, and it could go either way, but somehow I think Smith is the one that would be controlled the most by Houston ownership I guess. It’s not a very good reason, I know.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer

Fox Sports Analyst/Former Coach of Ohio State

It seemed like this was going to be the deal from the start. Urban Meyer returning to coaching yet again, but this time will be with an NFL team and not his Ohio State Buckeyes. The Jaguars getting Trevor Lawrence is obviously a big reason why Meyer would want to coach again. I mean who wouldn’t? The kid is great. Talks are moving forward so hopefully this is the result.

Los Angeles Chargers

Brian Daboll

OC for Buffalo Bills

Daboll did wonders with Josh Allen and that Bills offense. The Chargers are a great team with a young quarterback that played pretty damn good this season breaking the rookie touchdown record. Anthony Lynn made it hard for the Chargers to succeed though based on poor decision making as a head coach. Send Daboll down there to make the Chargers offense even greater than it was before. Their defense will be fine. They are just injured a lot of the time.

New York Jets

Doug Pederson

Former Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

This just makes too much sense man. Pederson basically forces himself out of Philadelphia’s system because he is tired of the politics of doing what everyone says instead of what he wants to do. Joe Douglas and Doug Pederson have a special history with each otherwhen they were together in Philadelphia. Pederson would be allowed to express himself normally in this system with his quarterback. Whether it would be Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson, or Justin Fields, etc. It wouldn’t matter. Pederson would have a great place with Joe Douglas and the New York Jets.

Philadelphia Eagles

Joe Brady

OC for Carolina Panthers

This one might be a weird one, but here we go. That’s right. Joe Brady, the offensive coordinator for the Panthers would be a great fit for the Eagles system based on their two quarterback system with Wentz and Hurts. Plus, he helped Teddy Bridgewater out of some tight spots, and gave him the skill to get stuff done in Carolina. If anyone needs help it is Wentz, and not saying he couldn’t help Hurts out either.


Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Eberflus

DC for Indianapolis Colts

I know it’s cheating, but this job just got opened up so I believe there is some leniency that needs to be showed. Eberflus has only been a defensive coordinator for a couple of years. The only reason I bring his name into this is because what he has been able to do with the Colts defense in that short amount of time. Also the Eagles defense sucks major ass, and Matt Eberflus would definitely be able to help. It is tough to decide between him and Brady though so that’s why they are both on here.

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