Hue Jackson interviews for the Steelers OC Position

In what is about to be the offseason from hell for the Pittsburgh Steelers, we still have no idea who is and is not coming back next season in the Black and Gold, most notably our Franchise quarterback Big Ben. All of the rumors around position changes and retirements don’t breed positivity for Steelers fans and news broke today that one of our favorite coaches to play against may join the regime.

With the world assuming the Pittsburgh Steelers would hire Matt Canada as the Offensive Coordinator, the organiztion seems to want to keep the position open and interviews ongoing for the time being, which is understandable due to how the Steelers have traditionally run their organization…but Hue Jackson? I get it, we’re far removed from his head coaching stint with the Cleveland Browns which led us all to kind of root for Baker, but…Hue Jackson?

I will admit, let the record show that this clip made me like Hue Jackson A LOT more than his NFL record.

In a blog written by our friends over at the Steelers Depot, they go in depth on the Pittsburgh Steelers stance to hire an O-Line coach first.

Hue Jackson is…a wonderful offensive mind. There, I said it. He ran the Oakland raiders offense as the OC in 2010, where the Raiders offense finished fourth in the AFC and sicth in the NFL in scoring (25.6 PPG). He was named the Raiders Head Coach after the 2010 season but was fired two years later. He then went to the Bengals as an assistant DB coach when the Bengals finished 10-6, cementing him as the obvious choice to try and fix the Mistake by the Lake in the Cleveland Browns.

This, of course, went swimmingly.

Greg is correct in his response to my “WTF are we doing text” in that Jackson is a proven talent at the OC position. As a head coach, this guy is straight dog water. BUT as an offensive coordinator, he does fit exactly what the Steelers said they were going to attack. A coach with a resume.

I’m just so tired of rehashing these coaches year in and year out to be completely honest. For the record, this was literally JUST an interview, but the Steelers don’t normally have meetings for fun. I believe the franchise is honestly weighing between an internal hire (Matt Canada) and a coach with a resume (Hue Jackson) with this one.

Also, bye Duck. I love you.

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