NFL Hot Stove: Deshaun Watson

Not even a week into the NFL off-season and the stove is piping hot! There’s already been a week of head coaching firings and contract talks, but right now it’s hot because one of the best QBs in the NFL is being talked about as wanting out of his current situation. If you don’t believe Deshaun Watson is worth any amount of draft picks then you just do not know football. 

The Texans finished 4-12 this year but it definitely was not because of Deshaun Watson. He finished his first DeAndre Hopkins-less campaign with a 33/7 TD to INT ratio, completion percentage of 70.2%, QBR of 70.1, passer rating of 112.4, and he led the league in passing yards with 4,823. 

I watched football all year and owned Watson on a fantasy team. I did not know until earlier this week that he was better a much better QB this year than he was as a division winner in 2019. That’s simply because he’s 4-12. You put those numbers on any number of teams, they’re in the playoffs. 

HOFer JJ Watt even understands how special Watson is. Two leaders of this team and both deserving of so much better than what this organization has given them. Free them both!

The Texans situation is awful because Bill O’Brien is simply a moron. The team is cap strapped with zero draft picks, making it an impossible task for newly appointed GM Nick Caserio. In my opinion, it’s the 2nd least attractive HC opening barely ahead of the Falcons. I only say this because Watson is that special of a player whereas the Falcons are entering a full blown rebuild. If the rumors are true and Watson does want out, I’d throw any amount of draft capital his way and wouldn’t think twice. Hell, the Texans need it since BoB traded it away for a LT and did not recover any for Hopkins! Forget the contract, he has proven that he’s worth every penny.

If I’m Kevin Colbert, I’m enjoying the playoff run right now. The day it’s over, I’m throwing any draft capital at the Texans for him. Jon Ledyard believes so too!

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