Don’t Tell Greg Malek About This Blog (Seriously!)

I know that the first thing a lot of you are thinking is “Oh, Deke is going to talk smack about Malek and he doesn’t have a FB or an IG so he won’t see it, I’m going to tell him!” but I am COMPLETELY serious!

Greg Malek, the co-host of Two Beers Deep and the longest running content creator on our team not named Douchey Deke and Pretty Boy Josh (I made these up) has never, ever, ever asked for a single thing in all of his time at TFTB. He’s shown up every single week with a smile on his face and facts in his brain and he just wants to have fun with his friends, and dare I say, fans!

Well…we need your help for a little secret. Josh and I really don’t know how to thank Greg so we came up with this idea that he CANNOT know about…until we’re live on air of course.

All of the proceeds from tonight’s show are going to go towards Malek. Bits, subs and donations are all going to be a nice little thank you for the countless (and I mean COUNTLESS) hours Greg has donated to TFTB to develop this platform that we have created. I don’t want Denny coming in with some wild ass donation now, but I do want you guys to know what its 100% a Greg Malek Appreciation Night. I knew I should have snagged a Greg pinata back in the day…

We produce content each and every week that we love because we know that you’ll love it. Here’s a little peek behind the curtain – for over 3 years Greg has been there for every single show, driven me to countless live shows and studio recordings and came up with the TBD show topics EVERY WEEK. I obviously tell him each week that he needs to add more baseball (huge baseball guy) and he sometimes listens.

So tonight at 6 on twitch, let’s show Greg some love. Because damn, if ANYONE on TFTB deserves the moon, it’s the HOTO Daddy himself.

If Greg DOES read this, stfu it’s happening nerd. Know that we love you.

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