Sean Payton…Genius or Super Villian?

In all seriousness, I can’t think of a more controversial coach in terms of decision making than Sean Peyton. Sure, there’s been certain coaches like Adam Gase who have just flat out been ridiculous, but I mean genuine NFL coaches who you either love or hate.

The Saints will play the Chicago Bears and at 4 on Sunday after failing to take away the bye week from A A Ron and the Pack, a matchup that “should” lean in the Saints favor. One factor however that the Saints will be missing is Home Field Advantage, which of COURSE Payton has a master plan to solve.

I mean….genius, right? This has some SERIOUS Patrick Star vibes because of how simple and logical it all sounds.

I mean…is he wrong? Does this make the most sense out of anything, ever? If you want to be at the game, you stay at some small Motel, Hotel or Holiday Inn for two weeks just rewatching the 2010 NFL season on repeat for a chance to help the Saints beat the Double Doinks. That’s simple enough…but it also sounds suspiciously like an Evil Villian.

I mean, the dude is trying to win so majestically he’s basically asking fans to give up their lives in order to create crowd noise, and I’m just so here for it. Barring some information I don’t know about and the fact that I have no understanding if these stadiums have enough beer for a Playoff game but this makes sense right? Have the people who want to be in have some form of proven (again, I have no clue what all this takes) way to show they quarantined and basically just hung out with other Saints fans. That sounds…actually like the most dope thing since last February where we could actually do shit.

That, or Sean Payton just wants to see how many things can turn our eyes away from the fact that he didn’t want to put everyone’s favorite QB in midseason.

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