What really happened to lamar last night?

If you went to bed at a normal hour and don’t hate yourself this wonderful Tuesday morning, you may have missed one of the best NFL games in recent memory. Nothing screams prime time football like the AFC North* in December led by two of the more electric sometimes godly sometimes pretend quarterbacks in the league.

The most controversial moment of the evening didn’t come on the field however. Lamar Jackson seemed to rush into the locker room with “cramps”, sending TikTok’s finest Trace McSorley into the game at quaterback.

I mean, this guy just had to go to the bathroom right? We can all agree there’s no way that Lamar Jackson is waddling to the locker room alone for “arm and leg” cramps. I’ve had cramps in my legs before and this is NOT that waddle.

The most amazing part about this all is that the game was actually unbelievable. Come backs, big plays, defensive turnovers. It was a beautiful game all together that seemed to be cutting us short simply because Lamar couldn’t hold it. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse Trace Mc-tiktok-Sorley went down with an injury leaving the Ravens with no healthy quarterbacks…until…

Dude leads a drive to take the league with so little time left it made you think this was a Big Ben walking boot “look at me I saved the day”. Lamar did come out and say he “didn’t pull a Paul Pierce” which in all honest is just flat our hilarious.

Here’s the only true explaination. The Browns took all the TP out of the Ravens bathroom. Those sly bastards. Now I do believe they deserved to lose.

*Not counting the Bengals. Sorry Keaton.

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