Gang Greg Prevails; No Name Down in Flames

It is never easy for a king to admit defeat, but Greg got the better of me this past outing. Bet if that little b***h didn’t have the New England defense that it would have been a different story. Also if Aaron Rodgers could stop f***ing everyone with Davante Adams as the instrument, that would be pretty great. 30 some point a**hat.

Sadly, excuses cannot be made for this one as the starting of David Johnson over Melvin Gordon was confusing from the get-go, and sitting Brandon Aiyuk was a shame as well.

It remains to be seen how Greg takes this victory as we both have made the playoffs. The playoff lines in the sand have been drawn below;

Sadly, Josh and Chip, Ben, Dre, and Deke have all been eliminated and at this point will compete to decide who doesn’t suck and have to do a punishment at the end of the season. Good luck to you on that one boys!

We now move onto what is really important. As the second seed, I have the opportunity to face Tom’s nameless monstrosity of a team. Now the first time I faced this team it was during the NFL’s poor handling of the Steelers and Titans game which took out a number of his soldiers. Now I face them at full strength.

Am I nervous? Scared even? Absolutely not. I welcome the opportunity to face a team in its redemption story. The matchups may be good, and team might be looking scarier than usual, but I the Rank King refuse to back down.

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