Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 14


New York Jets (0-12)

Previous Rank – 32

Man the Jets almost had this one, but Greg Williams had to be an ass out of spite, and he called a blatant blitz play when it should not have happened, and because of that Derek Carr took it downfield for the score. The Jets are winless, and it will not get any better. This past one was the last game to win. Now Sam Darnold and the Jets have to face the Seattle Seahawks. Their defense is weak, but so are the Jets. It will be an interesting one to see.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-11)

Previous Rank- 31

Same as the Jets, the Jaguars had this game, but let it slip from them in overtime versus the Vikings. It will remain to be seen if Glennon continues to be the starter with Gardner Minshew basically being healthy begs to be the starter yet again. We will see what happens when the Jaguars take on the Titans this week.


Cincinnati Bengals (2-9-1)

Previous Rank – 30

The Bengals drop another loss, and this time it was to the Miami Dolphins. They would have been in this game further, but Tyler Boyd got taken out for fighting. The team is undisciplined and keeps losing. In my honest opinion, Brandon Allen is running low on the Bengals expectations. They have to start performing better if they want to make anything of themselves with only two wins on the season. They’ll look to get on the right track when they face the Dallas Cowboys.


Dallas Cowboys (3-9)

Previous Rank – 29

Speaking of the Dallas Cowboys, they dropped a heavy loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday. Their offense actually played in sync for a bit, but their defense once again crumbled under the weight of Baltimore’s rushing attack. Andy Dalton will have a redemption game this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals, and we will see which team will prevail.


Los Angeles Chargers (3-9)

Previous Rank – 28

This was insulting to watch as the Chargers got blown out 45-0 against the Patriots. Nothing they had worked as New England’s defense and special teams units crushed any hopes of a Chargers happy ending. Justin Herbert was insanely overwhelmed and had his worst outing of the season with two interceptions and no touchdowns. They have to stop letting teams beat them in different ways. Only then will they have any shot. They’ll face the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.


Philadelphia Eagles (3-8-1)

Previous Rank – 27

It has finally happened. Carson Wentz has been benched. After causing mistakes after mistake, Doug Pederson benched Wentz and put rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts in the game against Green Bay. Surprisingly, Hurts did decent for what he could do. Now he has been named the starting quarterback against the New Orleans Saints. It will not be easy, but the kid has got something to prove now.


Atlanta Falcons (4-8)

Previous Rank – 26

The Falcons had an opportunity to silence their first embarrassing loss against the Saints, but got cooked yet again. Taysom Hill threw his first touchdown passes against them, and they just couldn’t get much of anything going offensively or defensively. Matt Ryan and the Falcons will now look to the next challenge. They will look to try to get a victory over the always loss heavy Los Angles Chargers.


Denver Broncos (4-8)

Previous Rank – 25

The Denver Broncos took another loss and this was a tough loss to swallow to the Kansas City Chiefs. They actually had the Chiefs on the run for quite a bit, but in the end they fell victim to too many mistakes, and it led to their downfall. The Broncos will look to move past this ugly affair when they take on the Carolina Panthers.


Houston Texans (4-8)

Previous Rank – 21

The Texans took a big divisional loss against the Indianapolis Colts here. The problem with the Texans was despite getting David Johnson back, they couldn’t get a run game going against the big run defense of the Colts. Without the run game, the Texans fell victim to another loss despite Deshaun Watson’s playing. They will look to bounce back when they face the bumbling Chicago Bears.


Carolina Panthers (4-8)

Previous Rank – 20

I never like moving team down after a bye week, but the Panthers go into this week’s game without a majority of their receiving core. Curtis Samuel and D.J. Moore fell victim to COVID, and now only Robby Anderson remains. He’s a good fantasy play, but even the Panthers have to feel a little uneasy going in less than 100% against the Denver Broncos.


Chicago Bears (5-7)

Previous Rank – 19

I still have to ponder how the Bears took Mitch Trubisky over Deshaun Watson. Like why? The Bears had this game won against the Lions, but Trubisky fumbled the ball at the worst possible moment giving the Lions the victory. Their defense fell victim to an aerial assault by Matt Stafford as he threw for over 400 yards. It wasn’t a good look for them, and now they look to face the Houston Texans this weekend.


Washington Football Team (5-7)

Previous Rank – 24

The Washington Football Team pulled off the upset. Alex Smith and the crew beat the Pittsburgh Steelers despite Alex Smith pulling a desperate yet very intelligent move of taking the ball off the field for a stoppage of play in order to kick a field goal. Their defense played sharp though, and the offense got moving with Logan Thomas and J.D. McKissic moving the ball downfield. They will look to get to the top of their division when they take on the San Francisco 49ers.


Detroit Lions (5-7)

Previous Rank – 23

The Lions took ownership of this win with style as Matt Stafford passed for over 400 yards in this game. They shouldn’t have won, but the defense caused a fumble from Trubisky to give them the go-ahead for the win. I took the Lions in this game, and they proved me right after the firings of their coach and general manager. They will look to get this trending in the right direction when they take on a big divisional rival; the Green Bay Packers.


New York Giants (5-7)

Previous Rank – 22

Hello New York Giants. I sort of knew this game would be close despite the overwhelming odds against them when they faced the Seattle Seahawks. Did I think they would win? Hell no. This is a big statement made by head coach Joe Judge. The Giants are now on a four game winning streak, and look to get Daniel Jones back this weekend when they take on the struggling Arizona Cardinals.


San Francisco 49ers (5-7)

Previous Rank – 17

The 49ers were able to stay in this game against the Buffalo Bills for a while, but in the end Josh Allen ran all over their defense with four touchdown passes. Strangely enough, the defense came up short in this one. Nick Mullens did the best he could, and now the 49ers are looking to get back in the fray of their division. They will have that opportunity when they face the Washington Football Team.


Arizona Cardinals (6-6)

Previous Rank – 14

The Cardinals keep falling behind in their game plan man. Once a team that shined through has been dwindled down in a very luke warm fashion. The thing that is hurting them is the inability of Kyler Murray’s rushing attack. Since he stopped rushing, the Cardinals have been falling behind. They need to get back to the basics which means Murray needs to get the shoulder issue behind him and get running again. They’ll face the hot-streaked New York Giants this weekend.


Minnesota Vikings (6-6)

Previous Rank – 16

The Vikings had no business winning this game, but they got the job done against the Jaguars in overtime. Their defense let the Jaguars get back into it. Cousins played actual good football yet again though with connections to Thielen and Jefferson. They will look to capitalize again on a victory this week when they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


New England Patriots (6-6)

Previous Rank – 18

Just when the offense couldn’t get anything going, the defense and special teams came to the rescue of New England. They were essentially able to completely neutralize the Los Angeles Chargers’s offense picking off Justin Herbert twice and keeping them to big old goose egg. Now they have a bigger task at hand this Thursday when they face the Los Angeles Rams.


Las Vegas Raiders (7-5)

Previous Rank – 15

The Raiders should have struck gold from the start, but not having a run game made them vulnerable to a weak Jets team. They should not in theory have won this game, but a selfish decision by defensive coordinator Greg Williams made a decision and it cost the Jets. Now that they escaped with the win, the Raiders will face a much bigger threat than the New York Jets; the Indianapolis Colts.


Baltimore Ravens (7-5)

Previous Rank – 13

The Ravens got their starting quarterback back in Lamar Jackson, and he proved how essential he was in the offense when he threw two touchdowns and ran one in for another score. You could also chalk that up to the weak rushing and passing defense of the Dallas Cowboys. They will have a bigger task at hand when they take on the Cleveland Browns this weekend.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)

Previous Rank – 11

Again, I hate dropping teams on bye, but Godwin’s questionable status puts the receiving core in a bit of a bind. Not that they don’t have Evans, Brown, and Gronk, but he provides a key element to the Buccaneers offense. They will be looking to erase the loss against the Rams when Tom Brady and the Bucs take on the Minnesota Vikings.


Miami Dolphins (8-4)

Previous Rank – 12

The Dolphins got another win, and this time it was against the Cincinnati Bengals. A hard fought victory here also proved in loyal favor of Tua Tagovailoa’s ability to be the starter over Ryan Fitzpatrick. He did a decent amount of damage against the Bengals, but this upcoming game against the Chiefs will finally prove how good he actually is.


Tennessee Titans (8-4)

Previous Rank – 7

The Titans got taken by surprise here against the Cleveland Browns in this one. In fact, Baker Mayfield balled out on the Titans defense. Derrick Henry was virtually taken out of this game and the Titans had to rely on a heavy passing attack. Corey Davis was the main star of the show as A.J. Brown was at less than 100%. The Titans are now holding onto their division by a thread, and they will look to best the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Indianapolis Colts (8-4)

Previous Rank – 9

The Colts got a victory over the Houston Texans last weekend, and that helps them along to try to best their opponents and take the division. They relied on both sides of the ball in this one as the offense went through the defense, and the Colts defense stopped Watson from making any big plays. Now the Colts have to get the job done when they face the Las Vegas Raiders.


Los Angeles Rams (8-4)

Previous Rank – 10

The Rams took it to the Cardinals last weekend with another win. Goff looked so much better than he did in the past, and now will see where this Rams team goes from here with a trio of running backs, and a receiving core that gets down and dirty with the best of the best. Goff and the Rams will look forward to their upcoming matchup with the New England Patriots.


Seattle Seahawks (8-4)

Previous Rank – 6

This was such an uneasy loss on the Seahawks part as they fell to the New York Giants. I’m not sure what happened here, but the Seahawks played down to their competition and lost. Now they are tied back again with the Rams in their division. Wilson and Seattle will look to get back on track when they go up against a very weak and vulnerable New York Jets team.


Cleveland Browns (9-3)

Previous Rank – 8

Picture perfect. That is what this game was for the Cleveland Browns. They were able to eliminate the threat of the Titans running game by scoring earlier. By doing that they took out Derrick Henry from the game and focused on defending against the pass. Baker also dropped dimes left and right in this one with four touchdown passes. Absolutely amazing. The Browns have another big task though as they go up against a divisional rival this weekend; the Baltimore Ravens.


Buffalo Bills (9-3)

Previous Rank – 5

Josh Allen was incredible this past Monday against the 49ers. He threw four touchdown passes and was simply electric in this incredible win. Buffalo seems to be winning a lot of games despite not having a decent run game to go with it. This lies in part with their opponent this weekend when they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be incredibly focused after dropping a loss to the Washington Football Team.


Green Bay Packers (9-3)

Previous Rank – 4

The Packers win another game with this one going against the Philadelphia Eagles. They didn’t really need to do much as the Eagles made their bed of poor decisions and lackluster defense. The Packers are ahead of their division and seem to be back on the track to succeed once again. This time though, the defense needs to be better. They’ll look to this upcoming game against the Detroit Lions.


New Orleans Saints (10-2)

Previous Rank – 3

The Saints just keep rolling man. This time, Taysom Hill actually threw a touchdown pass, and he threw two of them making them the first in his professional career. Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas also got back on track in their respective motions against the Atlanta Falcons. Whether it would be Taysom Hill or Drew Brees coming back from IR, the Saints will have a big advantage up against their opponent; the Philadelphia Eagles.


Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1)

Previous Rank – 1

Why did it have to be a team with no name? The Pittsburgh Steelers’ undefeated streak has come to an end with an ugly upset loss against the Washington Football Team. It is hard for the Steelers to make an big impact when their running game was virtually obsolete against the nameless opponent. Luckily, they get James Conner back and just in time too because they face a big opponent in the Buffalo Bills this weekend.


Kansas City Chiefs (11-1)

Previous Rank – 2

The Chiefs take the number one spot in my rankings yet remain out of the first round bye as Pittsburgh still clinches that. The Chiefs won against the Broncos, but it came ugly man. The defense couldn’t stop the run as Melvin Gordon ran all over them. Luckily for them, Drew Lock was not sharp in this one, and they came away with the win. This week, Mahomes and the Chiefs will face the Miami Dolphins.

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