Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 13


Start of the Week

Miles Sanders vs Green Bay Packers

Sanders has taken a back seat in terms of production because of the Eagles struggles. However, he faces a Packers team that is 30th against the run, and a team that gave up 100 rushing yards and a receiving touchdown to Chicago’s David Montgomery last weekend. If Boston Scott doesn’t get involved, this will be a Sanders game man.

David Montgomery vs Detroit Lions

Montgomery has his best game of the season last weekend scoring 28 fantasy points. He has another huge opportunity against another divisional rival; the Detroit Lions. They are last against the run, and you know damn well they will be relying on the run since their offense hasn’t found an identity yet. Montgomery is gonna be great in this one.

Jonathan Taylor vs Houston Texans

Jonathan Taylor has to earn back his starting job from Nyheim Hines. He has a great chance to do that against the Houston Texans. They are 31st against the rush, and Hines is more of the pass-catch back. They should thrive and rely on the run in this one as Philip Rivers as been struggling passing the ball lately.

Damien Harris vs Los Angeles Chargers

Harris is in line for a good work load if the Patriots are up against the Los Angeles Chargers this weekend. He has been the best running back of the Patriots aside from James White who is more of the pass-catch back. The Chargers are ranked 23rd against the rush so this makes for a great one him this weekend.

Frank Gore vs Las Vegas Raiders

Frank Gore might not be the best running back in the game anymore, but the old man still goes by a management of different teams. For instance, he faces the Raiders this week who are 29th against the run. The Jets are awful, but this might be his game.


Devontae Booker vs New York Jets

J.K. Dobbins vs Dallas Cowboys

Latavius Murray vs Atlanta Falcons


Sit of the Week –

Ezekiel Elliot vs Baltimore Ravens

Elliot has had the fantasy value just stripped away from him along with most of the Dallas Cowboys. The season is a flush for them, and he is a sit for me this Tuesday against the Baltimore Ravens. Benny Snell didn’t do that great, and it’s hard to compare the two, but with Dallas’s offensive line in despair it’s safe to say he’s a sit.

Antonio Gibson vs Pittsburgh Steelers

I know the Steelers defense has been a little bashful at defending the run as of late, but I still would sit Antonio Gibson as his matchup against the Steelers is not a great one. The Steelers are the second best defense against the rush. It’s not a match I would test as I believe they fall early and have to pass more often anyway.

James Conner/Benny Snell vs Washington Football Team

Whether it be Conner or Snell, the Pittsburgh Steelers rushing attack has not been that great. Now they go up against a strong rushing defense in the Washington Football Team. They are ranked 3rd against the run, and their front seven is a dangerous one in that.

David Johnson vs Indianapolis Colts

Johnson should be returning from IR this weekend. However, he faces the Indianapolis Colts. This Colts team is in the top 15 of attacking the rush. Most of that damage came from a three touchdown 100-yard performance. However, that was from Derrick Henry, and Johnson is not Derrick Henry.

Devin Singletary vs San Francisco 49ers

Singletary came alive last weekend against the Chargers. However, I wouldn’t chase points here as Zack Moss is bound to come back and take the reign from him. Plus the Chargers defense against the run was doodoo compared to the 49ers improved rushing defense. Sit him.


Philip Lindsay vs Kansas City Chiefs

Cam Akers vs Arizona Cardinals

Jerick McKinnon vs Buffalo Bills

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