Charity of Dre; Moneyball is Corrupt

Once again I had a clear cut victory ahead for me, and it slipped my grasp as I failed to to play the two players that would have sealed my victory in Chris Godwin and Melvin Gordon. It also doesn’t hurt that dumb dumb Hayden Hurst laid a big old goose egg against a great matchup.

So I gift this win to you then Dre as a man who is holding onto his season with such desperation. I will offer you this one coin of victory. Do not expect it again as next time I will grind your pathetic team into nothing. Good luck for the next two weeks my friend and just remember that chivalry isn’t dead.

Now we turn to whatever the fuck this team is. Correct me if I’m right but Moneyball is supposed to be composed of people from the same teams which Josh and Chip had at the beginning; the Cowboys, the Chargers, and the Jaguars. Now the team looks like a compartmentalized Frankenstein of just mixed and mashed components of Moneyball and now other players.

Jared Goff, Kerryon Johnson, and James White are not on either of those three teams. The Moneyball team has apparently lost their need to stick to this strategy, but man like what the hell. It’s alright though as I still believe my team can pull this off. Hayden Hurst, you better not fuck up again.

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