Dumb Dumb Dennis Meets His End; Bye Bye Frye

Dennis thought he could bet the underdog and come out victorious. Dennis thought his team without Tyreek Hill would be enough to stop me. He thought wrong, and although it says he’s still in first place in the league that is a load of garbage, just like his team.

The Rank King is the the best. This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler. Now that I have knocked off the number one team, there is no stopping me on my path of destruction and conquering.

Many have come and gone, but Dennis was the most satisfying victim yet in my journey of power.

Now we get to Andre Frye, aka Dre. I loved when Dre believed he had the best team in the league because of his Christian McCaffrey pick… Where is all of that now? Sitting on a bench with yet another injury.

Although he has decent players in his lineup, he doesn’t quite stand a chance against the Rank King. This is not an ego trip. This is not overconfidence. This is how it was always meant to be, with myself on the throne and being the best. Good luck Dre! You will need it my friend.

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