Start’ Em Sit’ Em Wide Receivers – Week 8


Start of the Week –

Tyler Boyd vs Tennessee Titans

Even with A.J Green back in the action and Tee Higgins making a name for himself, Tyler Boyd is becoming the number one receiver in Cincinnati. He put up 30 points last weekend against the Cleveland Browns. Look for him to have another great outing against the Tennessee Titans that let both JuJu and Dionate Johnson put up double digit points.

Robby Anderson vs Atlanta Falcons

Anderson put up big numbers against the Atlanta Falcons in their last outing scoring 22 fantasy points. In his outing against the Bears last weekend despite a tough match he scored double digit points. This all means good things when he goes up a garbage Atlanta Falcons defense again.

Jarvis Landry vs Las Vegas Raiders

Odell is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL, and while Landry might get double teamed for a lot of matches later in the season, I think he has a good shot at putting the team on his back against the Raiders defense. Despite the questionable tag, you have to figure he gets a lot of looks.

Travis Fulgham vs Dallas Cowboys

Fulgham has come out as very reliable target for Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense. With DeSean Jackson going on IR, and other Eagles’ receivers not getting healthy, Fulgham is definitely the number one receiver going into Sunday night’s game against the the terrible Dallas Cowboys.

Brandon Aiyuk vs Seattle Seahawks

Brandon Aiyuk could finally be getting into that number one receiver role for the San Francisco 49ers. His nice 20 some point performance last weekend against the New England Patriots opens the door for plenty of opportunity against a vulnerable Seattle Seahawks defense that ranks in the bottom tier against defending wide receivers.


Marquise Brown vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Corey Davis vs Cincinnati Bengals

Rashard Higgins vs Las Vegas Raiders


Sit of the Week –

Julian Edelman vs Buffalo Bills

Edelman has become a wasteland of awfulness in New England. It’s not entirely his fault because of how bad Cam Newton has been playing, but he has to help a lot more. Whether you talk to Billy Boy or not, he needs to be more an impact, and he just is not being used right. Now he has to go up against a Bills defense, and the secondary will likely give Edelman hiccups.

CeeDee Lamb vs Philadelphia Eagles

Lamb and the rest of the Cowboys receivers kind of fall here, but a lot of people love to play CeeDee, and I just want to express my concerns with playing him this weekend. Despite the matchup against the Eagles, the quarterback play comes into effect. He didn’t catch a pass from either Andy or Ben. Now the rookie from JMU could be throwing passes to Lamb, and I don’t trust that at all.

DeVante Parker vs Los Angeles Rams

Parker is coming off a bye, but is still riding the questionable train on his way to a game with the Los Angeles Rams. Their defense was able to keep Allen Robinson in check for most of the game, and most likely Parker will be covered by Ramsey. Also, Tua has his first start. Not good odds here.

T.Y. Hilton vs Detroit Lions

Here’s my thing. The matchup is here. However, I don’t trust Hilton as far as I can throw him in fantasy. You are telling me that against a Cincinnati Bengals defense, Hilton was only able to catch one of five targets. Hilton is not on the priority for Phillip Rivers here. I think it will be a run first offense with Hilton basically trying to hold onto any fantasy relevance from the past.

Jerry Jeudy vs Los Angeles Chargers

This one is hard because I still have so much love for Jerry Jeudy in the league. However, Drew Lock hasn’t been great coming back from his injury, and now he has developed a connection with another receiver in Tim Patrick. Also, they go up against the Chargers this week who held D.J. Chark to one catch last weekend.


Chase Claypool vs Baltimore Ravens

Darius Slayton vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Williams vs Denver Broncos

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