Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 8


Start of the Week –

Justin Herbert vs Denver Broncos

Herbert has been balling out for fantasy owners since taking over for Tyrod Taylor. He has scored more than 20 fantasy points in four of his five contests with the Chargers. Now he takes on a Broncos team that is struggling on defense. Good hopes are in reach as five different quarterbacks have scored 18 or more points against them. Start Herbert with confidence.

Carson Wentz vs Dallas Cowboys

While Wentz’s stats would tell you he isn’t doing the best, but in some weeks for fantasy perspectives, he’s actually quite good. Look for him to excel this week as he takes on the Dallas Cowboys and their dreaded defense that couldn’t throw water out of a boat if it tried.

Joe Burrow vs Tennessee Titans

Burrow is the real deal guys. Besides his blunder against the Ravens, Burrow has been able score some big points for his fantasy owners. Look for this week to be good as well as the Titans as another shootout will occur in my books.The Tennessee defense gives up an average of about 20 points a game to quarterbacks. Burrow should be a solid play here.

Ryan Tannehill vs Cincinnati Bengals

On the other side, Tannehill didn’t do terrible against the Steelers throwing two touchdown passes against an elite defense. Now he comes to Cincinnati where a lot of quarterbacks have hit the promise land with major points. Things should be essentially even more comfortable now that pass rusher Carlos Dunlap was shipped to Seattle.

Jimmy Garoppolo vs Seattle Seahawks

Jimmy G hasn’t been that great of a quarterback this season, but he is an interesting streaming option this week in a very unsuspecting poor defense from the Seattle Seahawks. You figure adding Jamal Adams would have been great, but he just hasn’t been healthy. This could change with the signing of Dunlap, but for now knowing what I know, Jimmy G is a good streaming option this week.


Derek Carr vs Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield vs Las Vegas Raiders

Teddy Bridgewater vs Atlanta Falcons


Sit of the Week –

Cam Newton vs Buffalo Bills

Newton started off so hot, and man he is crashing hard. It showed in last week’s contest with the 49ers when he threw three interceptions and had to be benched for Stidham. His touchdown to interception ratio is terrible with two touchdowns to seven interceptions. I don’t think things will get better when he takes on the Bills this weekend.

Matt Ryan vs Carolina Panthers

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are in shambles right now man. Their offense is doing decent, but their defense can’t stop shit. Ryan will have a challenge that proved him useless in their first encounter; the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have been tough on quarterbacks in the past including Ryan who scored less than seven fantasy points.

Drew Brees vs Chicago Bears

Say what you want, but the regression of Drew Brees is simmering and when it finally explodes in peoples’ faces, it will be ugly. My fear is that the Chicago defense, despite some hiccups are a good defense. With Thomas likely being out again, along with Sanders, Brees will be down some big weapons in this one.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Baltimore Ravens

To be fair, Big Ben looks better than ever, but I am putting this just in case. At times when we play the Ravens, we don’t know which Ben we are going to get. Honesty, I was a little nervous when Ben threw three interceptions against a vulnerable Titans defense. So going up against the Ravens has me sweating a tiny bit.

Nick Foles vs New Orleans Saints

Foles really isn’t living up to his contract. It kind of shows when he plays his games. To bring that up, you have to consider that he has been playing some decent defenses. I would definitely sit him going into this matchup with the Saints. Robinson in the concussion protocol doesn’t help this at all. Sit him.


Matthew Stafford vs Indianapolis Colts

Kirk Cousins vs Green Bay Packers

Tua Tagovailoa vs Los Angeles Rams

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