Breaking the Bones of Jones; Suck it Buckets

I am now at the top, and while most people think there is nowhere to go but down I just don’t see myself going down anytime soon. I, the Rank King am now in first place in our TFTB fantasy football league. I will look to keep my throne untouched, but first a little summary of my last match.

Game of Jones tried all it could, but in the end…

He was snapped in half, a broken spirit as VO’s team played a decent game, but he just couldn’t hold a candle to my team’s impressive outing. Honestly, he would have won against a lot of other opponents if he played them, but that is just how the cookie crumbles I guess.

VO, I do hope you win some games sir. Your team isn’t that bad, and the concept of drafting people based on the last name Jones is not only hilarious, but making you score a bunch of points. Only time will tell though how your team ends up.

Now onto my current opponent; Benny Buckets. Ben, I want to be upfront with you. Your team has some players that make me slightly nervous. Guys like Lamar Jackson, Todd Gurley, Michael Thomas, and D.K. Metcalf come to mind. Does your team as a whole scare me? No. You may be looking for some revenge after Tom’s team beat yours. You will not find it this week.

So Ben, while I wish you good luck, remember this; I will be the one keeping the crown and staying at the top.

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