I’m a Dumb Idiot

Remember when I had a little hope going into Penn State’s B1G opener against Indiana?

And finally, will my Penn State Nittany Lions fumble in the bag in like Week 7 and miss the B1G Championship/Playoff berth after somehow beating Ohio State in Week 2 and starting 6-0?

Again I say:

– That idiot Smalls in “It’s Baaaaaaaack”


It took one week.

This Is Fine | Know Your Meme

What happened? Well…

  • Kirk Sriracha (I know that’s not his name, I don’t care) has the offensive creativity of a rock and drew up three HB dives in a row.
  • The receiving corps consists of Dotson and Freiermuth… and that’s it.
  • The O-line made me feel like I was watching 2014 Penn State football.
  • The pylon is the width of the damn goal line, so in essence, the pylon is the plane that needs to be broken. Penix Jr.’s 2-point conversion consisted of the ball clearly hitting the ground out of bounds, then bouncing up to hit the back of the pylon. Explain to me how that broke the plane.
  • We should never have gone to OT with Indiana in the first place. We’re bad.
  • I feel terrible for Devyn Ford.
  • Jake Pinegar is just young Cody Parkey.
  • The defense stepped up all game until the last drive when we actually needed them to.
  • There were 100 yards given up in penalties. Unacceptable.
  • Sean Clifford was throwing balloon balls.
  • When he wasn’t throwing balloon balls, he scrambled and made up all of our offense because of the o-line, lack of creative play calling and disappearing wide receivers.
  • Will Levis was put in for two plays when Clifford was pulled, where he had a delay of game penalty and fumbled the ball, in that order.
  • Phantom face mask call on the last drive in regulation.


FUCK. We’re gonna get waxed next week.

Why do I do this to myself? Well, because I’m a clown Penn State football fan.

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