Game of Jones: Moving Up The Ranks

After a big win in Week 6, Game of Jones looks to continue their success against “Lights Kamara Action” and the Rank King. The Rank King sits at a 5-1 record which is pretty impressive in my opinion. However, records mean nothing when heading into a fantasy football matchup, since anything can happen at any given time.

For example the Buffalo Bills battle the New York Jets, which means Josh Allen could put up well over 35 points in fantasy. BUT there’s also that slim chance where the New York Jets secondary shuts down the Bills offense, which is what I am hoping for. After weighing my options at wide receiver, I decided to start Tyler Boyd over Cole Beasely (with the help of the guys from Boondock Bangarang). Both have performed well this season and have favorable matchups this week. And well since Tyler Boyd is going up against the Browns, this is a no brainer!

Look at me trying to talk fantasy football…In all honesty, the Rank King should be ready to rank this as one of the best upsets in TFTB Fantasy Football history. The Rank King is going to come up short, and fall flat on his face.

The Rank King Falls Short In Week 7

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