The False King Falls; Grinding out Game of Jones

Well well well… Even with my back against the wall, my best player on a bye week, and A.J. Brown scoring a lot of points on my bench, my team reigned supreme over the false king; King Mitch.

People loved to talk smack about my team, and how it all came to be, but look where we are now. I sit at 5-1 only one game behind that joke Dennis. We all know who the best one in this fantasy football league is, and it surely isn’t Dennis even though that clown wants to believe he is.

I appreciate Mitch putting up a fight, but even with some of the best players in fantasy football on his team, he was unsuccessful. Good game sport.

Now we move onto the next victim; VO and the Game of Jones. On paper it seems like VO has a great team, but somehow he always ends up coming short. I expect the same result from this upcoming as I personally believe my matchups are better than VO’s.

Here’s to a good clean match fella. I expect nothing short of a really great matchup this week, but you like the rest will fall to the Rank King.

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