Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 7


New York Jets (0-6)

Previous Rank – 32

The Jets are just awful. Honestly, there is no other way to properly say it. The Dolphins are a decent team, but to get blown out by them is just plain ridiculous. Flacco was particularly bad considering he was the backup for Sam Darnold who is still hurt I guess. My mind is swirling around a possible trade with Darnold soon in order to claim that number one draft pick, and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. The Jets will face the Bills once again this week.


Washington Football Team (1-5)

Previous Rank – 27

Washington had promise, but a quarterback carousel and bad defensive plays force them down four spots after a loss to the Giants. There is no excuse why they should have lost this game. Daniel Jones was not good in the passing game, but they just couldn’t stop him on the run. Embarrassing this was. but hopefully they’ll find better luck against a Cowboys team that got murdered by Arizona last night.


New York Giants (1-5)

Previous Rank – 31

So, the Giants get a win finally, but honestly it was by one point, and it was against the Washington Football Team. The only reason they won is because Washington missed a two-point conversion. A win is a win I guess, but man this team still sucks. They’ll face the also awful Philadelphia Eagles this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)

Previous Rank – 29

I can’t move the Jaguars down any lower than this because they are better than the three teams listed below. That being said, the Jaguars got mauled by the Lions last week. The main weapon was D’Andre Swift who just torched them on the ground. The defense was just not good here, and the offense didn’t do much better. I like Minshew a lot, and I hope he starts finding success. They’ll look to this week in a game against the Chargers coming off their bye.


Minnesota Vikings (1-5)

Previous Rank – 25

Come on Minnesota. This is mostly directed at quarterback Kirk Cousins who had to have his team come from behind after throwing three interceptions in the first half. This defense was terrible in the secondary going into this thing and when your quarterback throws three interceptions to them, you have to start questioning yourself. They made it close, but in the end it was too late. Now they’ll look to their bye week for repairs.


Cincinnati Bengals (1-4-1)

Previous Rank – 26

Cincinnati had this game won, but their defense crumbled under the pressure of Philip Rivers, and they let it slip away. Burrow didn’t do much on his end either as they relied more on the run including a rushing touchdown of his own. The Bengals now get an opportunity at revenge against the Cleveland Browns in a rematch from Week Two.


Houston Texans (1-5)

Previous Rank – 24

The Texans very close in their overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans. They could not stop Derrick Henry as he ran for over 200 yards and had two touchdowns on the ground. The defense needs work, but finally it seems life has been brought back into this offense. Hopefully it works out because they will be up against a Green Bay team that just got destroyed by Tampa Bay.


Atlanta Falcons (1-5)

Previous Rank – 30

Well, Atlanta finally got its first win against the Minnesota Vikings. Not only that, but the offense looked to be at full strength again as Matt Ryan threw four touchdown passes, and Julio Jones caught two of them. The Falcons after firing both their coach and their general manager look to get another win against the Detroit Lions.


Philadelphia Eagles (1-4-1)

Previous Rank – 21

You know Philly was playing like absolute trash, and then they had the opportunity to come back from the brink of defeat. It would have been cool if it happened, but sadly it didn’t. Now they could be without Miles Sanders (again) and Zach Ertz for multiple weeks. Injuries don’t do this team any favors as they take on the Giants Thursday night.


Dallas Cowboys (2-4)

Previous Rank – 20

The Cowboys drop three after a pathetic performance against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night. The sad thing was that is landed all on Elliot who fumbled twice. Those turnovers gave the Cardinals points and pushed the game out of Dalton’s reach. The defense also played like garbage (again), and now they’ll go and face the Washington Football Team.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-4)

Previous Rank – 23

The Chargers are 1-4, but they have no choice but to move up a spot due to teams just playing bad. They are coming off their bye week, and may be without star receiver Keenan Allen this week when they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Something tells me that they won’t really need him though…


New England Patriots (2-3)

Previous Rank – 16

What happened here New England? Newton throws two picks, and you lose to Denver whose quarterback came back after an injury he suffered in week two? Come on guys. Now you fall to third in the division behind Miami and Buffalo. They will look to rebound against the San Francisco 49ers this week.


Denver Broncos (2-3)

Previous Rank – 28

Denver takes a big leap up because honestly this is the only place I could put them. The offense really doesn’t deserve the credit as Drew Lock only completed ten passes in his return. They relied on the the defense (which surprisingly kept Newton in check), and they relied on their field goal kicker McManus to get the points. They’ll have a big task this week as they take on a divisional rival in the Kansas City Chiefs.


Detroit Lions (2-3)

Previous Rank – 22

Detroit overcame Jacksonville and moves up three spots on the list. The run game was the play for today as both Adrian Peterson and D’Andre Swift both got touchdowns on the ground. Swift was the better back with how Detroit’s scheme was, and I like Swift, Stafford, and the rest of the Lions against the Falcons this week.


Miami Dolphins (3-3)

Previous Rank – 18

Miami wins an easy victory over the New York Jets. The Jets didn’t score a single point against the Miami defense, and now with everything in place on the way to their bye week this week, they have decided to name Tua Tagovailoa the starting quarterback for the rest of the season. An interesting move to say the least, but with the bye on the way, it will be good to see what happens.


Carolina Panthers (3-3)

Previous Rank – 14

Carolina suffered a loss last week against the Chicago Bears. Bridgewater definitely felt the pressure, and because of that, the team just couldn’t get going in the right direction. I like the Panthers a lot, and feel they should get Christian McCaffrey back soon, and the sooner the better as they have to face the Saints this week.


San Francisco 49ers (3-3)

Previous Rank – 19

The 49ers stunned a lot of people when they beat their divisional rival; the Los Angeles Rams. Jimmy G looked to be back on track with his offense, but Mostert apparently will be missing more time due to another injury. Kittle remains the vocal point in the offense, and the defense should hopefully get better. They will need to when they take on the Patriots this week.


Indianapolis Colts (4-2)

Previous Rank – 17

The Colts almost had this one lost, but they were able to rally at the end and come out the victors. Some of the offensive pieces weren’t clicking except one; Philip Rivers. The quarterback finally got into a big groove with three passing touchdowns. They’ll look to rehab and recover on their bye week.


Cleveland Browns (4-2)

Previous Rank – 9

Yet again, the Browns got exposed…hard. Baker came into the game hurt, and the Steelers pounded him out of the game until they had to bring in Case Keenum. Everything about this Browns vs Steelers game made Browns fans angry. Every year they think it is their year until they play the Steelers. Then they get destroyed. They have to get it together when they take on the Bengals for the second time.


Las Vegas Raiders (3-3)

Previous Rank – 13

The Raiders stay where they are coming off their bye week. It will be interesting to see how Jon Gruden and the Raiders fight off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady. Their defense was able to hold off Patrick Mahomes for his first loss of the 2020 season. I have faith in this system and how it works. So go Raiders.


Arizona Cardinals (4-2)

Previous Rank – 15

It’s a shame when Kyler Murray doesn’t throw his best, and the Cardinals still walk all over the Cowboys. Murray still played great though with three total touchdowns. The Cardinals looked great in this big victory, and they will have to look equally as impressive when they take on the Seattle Seahawks in a divisional matchup.


New Orleans Saints (3-2)

Previous Rank – 10

The Saints drop a spot, and honestly it’s not their fault. They are coming off of their bye week and have a date with the Carolina Panthers. Carolina hasn’t been great, but their defense has given quarterbacks hickups in the past. However, this should be Michael Thomas’s first game back since week one, so expect a good one here.


Los Angeles Rams (4-2)

Previous Rank – 8

Well this one was weird, I kind of had the Rams taking a victory here, but you can’t blame divisional matchups from getting out of hand sometimes. The Rams offense was mangled with just too many mistakes, and their defense let Jimmy G go down the field time and time again in this one. The Rams have a big match against the Chicago Bears Monday night.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2)

Previous Rank – 12

This was all-out domination. The Buccaneers had the big task of taking down the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Not only did they do that, but they absolutely broke the spirits of the Packers. Aaron Rodgers threw his first two interceptions of the season with one of them being a pick six. Brady didn’t need to do much since the run game and the defense. We will see what happens when they take on the Raiders.


Buffalo Bills (4-2)

Previous Rank – 7

The Buffalo Bills are now on a two-game losing streak, and there were a lot of mistakes made last Monday against the Chiefs. Josh Allen was completely inaccurate and throwing for his lowest yards of the entire season. He has some issues to work on, but they should have a better chance at victory with their second matchup with the New York Jets.


Chicago Bears (5-1)

Previous Rank – 11

Chicago came out with a victory against the Panthers. The offense and defense aren’t playing crazy well, but they are getting the job done. I will say the defense is playing better and maybe winning their games for them. This week they have a better challenge on Monday night when they take on the Los Angeles Rams.


Green Bay Packers (4-1)

Previous Rank – 1

Man this was awful to watch. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Green Bay Packers were completely embarrassed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The entire Packers team should have been regenerated coming off their bye week, but instead they looked drained and beaten. Hopefully things change when they take on the Houston Texans this week.


Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

Previous Rank – 6

The Ravens chalked up another victory, this time against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, this game should have been won from the beginning. Sadly, the game got really close near the end, and the Ravens only won by two points. Clearly, their are some little issues to work out, but the Ravens will have plenty of time on their bye week this week.


Tennessee Titans (5-0)

Previous Rank – 5

The Titans almost lost this game, and honestly they probably would have had it not been for their ultimate weapon; Derrick Henry. The man rushed for over 200 yards and had two rushing touchdowns on the day with one getting the overtime victory. Henry, Brown, and Tannehill go to war this week though with the arguably the best defense in the league; the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Seattle Seahawks (5-0)

Previous Rank – 3

Seattle has some work to do after coming off their bye week last week. They’ll face a dominant air-raided offense in the Arizona Cardinals. It is the battle of Russell Wilson vs Kyler Murray, and honestly I am here for this especially since both of them play each other twice in a season. It’s gonna be a good one, I can tell you that.


Kansas City Chiefs (5-1)

Previous Rank – 2

The Chiefs put on a clinic against the Buffalo Bills on Monday. Strangely enough though, they did it running the ball. They rushed for over 200 yards on the ground and absolutely obliterated the rushing defense of the Bills. The Chiefs defense also played a part of disrupting plays. Look for the Chiefs to keep going as they take on another divisional rival; the Denver Broncos.


Pittsburgh Steelers (5-0)

Previous Rank – 4

That’s right. The Pittsburgh Steelers are at the top of the Power Rankings. They went into their home and decimated the Browns after they thought they were going to the Super Bowl. Big Ben is looking like his old self, the run game is going fine, Claypool is becoming a major threat, etc. This Steelers team is a different breed and they’ll look to dethrone the undefeated streak of the Tennessee Titans this weekend.

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