Game of Jones: A Team Has No Name

This is the battle we have been waiting for. Game of Jones vs A Team Has No Name, is the perfect matchup paying respect towards one of the greatest shows ever created, Game of Thrones.

In case you missed it Game of Jones suffered a heartbreaking loss last week, as their opponent put up 24 points to give them a last second victory.

Game of Jones now sits at a 1-4 record despite having a solid backfield of Aaron Jones, Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones, and Mike Davis. The good thing about this matchup is A Team Has No Name also sits at 1-4. However, we don’t know their true identity, this matchup could change their whole season around. It seems like Game of Jones has had bad luck in previous weeks, and even a team with no name and a losing record might be able to pull off a victory..

Faith isn’t lost, but I am still hurting over last week’s loss.

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