EEEEEEEVERYBODY was on my ass about being 0-4. I couldn’t help it, I was suffering from injuries And now look at me, BACK TO BACK WINS AGAINST THE GREGS BABYYYYYY.

First was Malek last week, now check out this vs Mac.

See that win streak of two? You can expect that to only go up from here. OH and to everyone else in our league who took me for a joke, take a look at some of the guys on my roster now. I’m making moves with bench players and knowing how they’re being used in their offenses against specific defenses.

I got harassed for knowing football but not knowing fantasy. But this basketball nerd started to learn up son! I’m not the highest scoring team, but I do have the best team name in our league and now I’m ona win STREAK. I hope the league is put on notice. *flexes*

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