I want to make this very clear for all of the peasants watching. Boyd didn’t beat me. I left key players on my bench, and because of that I was unable to keep my streak undefeated. It was essentially as football people call it, a trap game. This is unacceptable on my part and I will do better as your king. The results below make me sick, but here you all go.

Now we look to the future. This weekend, I take on another sort of “king” a false king if you will. Ryan’s team is a great team in a sense of being flashy. I like his team very much, and I can appreciate this game as a sense of king against king. I wouldn’t be as worried, but with Alvin Kamara out on bye, I have to be honest, I might be sweaty a little bit. After this weekend, I think it will be better, but I have to get the win this week to secure my spot in second place to eventually take Denny’s bitch ass down. I wish you the best of luck you false king. Let’s have a battle for the ages.