You Guessed It, Conor McGregor Is Back

*sarcastic gasp* I can’t believe it, Conor is fighting in the UFC again! Surprise surprise. Back in June when McGregor announced his retirement for the third time, I wrote an article entitled 5 Things That Will Last Longer Than Conor McGregor’s Retirement. Sure, it’s been a few months. Overall though, my anticipation was correct seeing as that he announced his return on his Instagram.

All it took was for Dustin Poirier to call him out and boom he’s back. As listed in the image above, the fight will be held on January 23rd. These two are obviously respectable fighters in their own right. Poirier the american sweetheart worked his way to a title shot against Khabib Nermogumedov, where he was submitted with a gnarly and chin busting choke. Seeing as that Conor also got humiliated by Khabib, it makes sense that these two stars searching for a rebound would take this fight.

Conor mentioned last month that he would box Manny Paqiao for no reason. It most likely would have brought in a load of money but it really didn’t add up. This fight with Poirier is much more appropriate for Conor’s career. Conor is probably the most prolific fighter and biggest money maker in the history of the UFC. He did tally a win against Donald “Cowboy Cerone” with a wild 40 second shoulder knockout in his last appearance. Unfortunately without bringing up any uncomfortable subjects, Conor (per usual) has been having a hard time staying out of trouble outside of the octagon.

I have always been a fan of Conor. I love his energy and do think he’s an all time great. I do think he should stay retired though. If he tallies too many losses, it will tarnish his legacy. The man has a family and his own whiskey business with Proper Twelve, pursue that and leave the UFC permanently with a good legacy behind you.

If he loses this fight, it could be a very memorable stain on his reputation.

One thing some people may forget is that these two fought previously and Conor won by TKO just 1:46 into the first round back in 2014. The result of that is shown above.

I do expect Conor to win again but he will REALLY have to earn it. Although, if Poirier wins, it will help us forget the first bout, the Khabib fight, and slot him with a win against a legend. Poirier is no slouch and I have no doubt in my mind that he will come out for this as the most prepared he’s ever been for a fight.

Bottom line, Conor is back. I do credit him with truly having a fighter’s spirit with still giving every fiber of yourself to the lifestyle. But sometimes that could backfire if the fighter doesn’t truly know when to hang up the gloves. Just like anything with Conor McGregor, we truly will have to just wait and see. Because with an unpredictable guy like that, you never know what will happen next.

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