Moorhead’s Top Ten Trade Deadline Predictions

The NFL Trade Deadline is approaching, and certain teams are looking to make some big swaps after some unsuccessful starts. Big players look to be moved in hopes of bringing success to their franchises.

I am a little decent at predicting things so I’d thought I’d give this shot at predicting where some big stars might end up. The faith of the season could rely on these moves so there is a big risk for reward mentality. Here we go!

10.) Kenny Stills to the Green Bay Packers

Houston may look to ship some pieces with Coach Billy Boy gone. If I had to make a prediction, Kenny Stills seems like he might get moved somewhere due to the amount of receivers they have with Cooks, Fuller, and Cobb. All of them are good but for some reason the other three have seen more action than Stills. Send him to somewhere that desperately needs a wide receiver aka Green Bay. Give Rodgers another weapon apart from Davante Adams that probably wouldn’t cost a lot to trade for.

9.) Justin Simmons to the Dallas Cowboys

For whatever reason, Dallas has not signed Earl Thomas who I thought would have been signed by now to finally get some help. Sadly, he has not been signed and Dallas really needs some help in the secondary as they are essentially one of the worst, if not the worst pass defense in the NFL. Justin Simmons from Denver would be a solid choice as he hasn’t been the greatest, but he can certainly provide relief for a horrible Cowboys defense that has been the laughing stock of the NFL.

8.) Michael Gallup to the Miami Dolphins

We will see how Gallup connects with Andy Dalton as quarterback for a little before I make this a done thing, but just in case you have to consider Gallup possibly on the trade block based on his usage this season. He is sometimes the third man of the show, but even then sometimes Cedrick Wilson gets more snaps than him. It is criminal. Send him somewhere where he can be a true number two like he was last year. Miami would be a great place for either Fitzpatrick or Tua to truly develop and harness his ability the way Prescott used to.

7.) Alex Mack to the San Francisco 49ers

Mack was acquired from Cleveland to be apart of the Falcons organization. In his time with Atlanta, Mack has grown to be an excellent center protecting Matt Ryan at every cost. However, Atlanta might be on the bit of rebuilding session, and normally what comes in the wake of a rebuilding session? A fire sale. I believe Atlanta will take this route and ship certain individuals. Look for Mack to go somewhere like the 49ers to be alongside Trent Williams. That offensive line will have gained a huge power boost with the arrival of a veteran like Mack.

6.) Ryan Kerrigan to the Seattle Seahawks

The Washington Football Team might be in a similar situation if Ron Rivera remains to be their head coach. He is now in front to choose his people for which he wants on the team. Don’t get me wrong he is a very defensive minded coach, but teams have struggled with injuries to pass rushing positions, and it would be very wise to see what Rivera could possibly get in exchange for the stud pass rusher.

5.) Zach Ertz to the Cincinnati Bengals

It is no secret that Ertz has been very frustrated over the struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles, and his mismanagement on the season. Dallas Goedert is officially set to return from the IR in week seven of the NFL season. Goedert has been out-producing Ertz for the season, a lot of people are starting to question if he should stay in Philly. My response is no. Send him somewhere where he can be the number one tight end and be used properly. This would be a perfect time for the Bengals to scoop him up for Joe Burrow to get another target. What a deal.

4.) Dwayne Haskins to the Las Vegas Raiders

Look guys, Derek Carr has been balling out this season, but there is still some nerves settling in regarding his position as the quarterback of the Raiders. Haskins from Washington is likely to be moved because his production isn’t well progressing as well as Rivera would have liked. Jay Gruden was coach at the time Haskins arrived, so it wouldn’t be surprised if a little brotherly persuasion was thrown in there for “Big Time Football Guy” Jon Gruden to finally get his guy.

3.) A.J. Green to the Philadelphia Eagles

Green certainly looks like a different individual then he was years ago. While the hamstring issue might be something to consider, I firmly believe all he needs is a change of scenery. Philadelphia has had some issues with injury prone receivers, but Green needs a change of scenery desperately, and hopefully having this change in basically making him the number one receiver when healthy.

2.) Sam Darnold to the Pittsburgh Steelers

If this one happens, I’ll be a little happy inside knowing we have the future ready whenever Big Ben decides to retire. Trading for Darnold might not be as soon as the deadline, but it could happen sometime in the offseason if the Jets land the number one pick in Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. They would not need Darnold anymore, and I believe we would be right there to trade for the quarterback. Come on if you think Darnold wouldn’t look great in black and yellow then you are just insane.

1.) Julio Jones to the New England Patriots

Julio might be heading out the door come this fire sale we are about to get to save as much money as possible for the rebuild of the Atlanta Falcons. His hamstring has been the big issue of why Calvin Ridley has become the go-to guy now, but when healthy he is still a monster on the field. He proved that in week one against the Seattle Seahawks. You know where this is going don’t you? Belichick is going throw an extremely low number and get him cheap. Therefore, Cam Newton would have a great new number one target. If the hamstring heals up, then this should be a no brainer.

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