Bye Bye Deke. On to the Next One.

I’m honestly starting to get worried that I haven’t had a loss yet in this league, especially after I EASILY destroyed Deke this past week. For someone who considers himself a fantasy football expert, sure as hell didn’t support that with such a lackluster performance from your “elite” squad. Better luck this week, pal. Maybe you can beat a weak Dre lineup without his star running back.


With Vo, Benny, and Deke already on my list of losers, I am now looking towards my matchup this week against the Super Genius, Justin Boyd. As all of my other articles have been consistent with talking tons of shit on everyone, this one is going to be slightly different. I have no reason to talk shit on Boyd. Boyd is a funny dude and we share a common bond of making fun of Deke and Josh and he’s most definitely the funniest of the three on The Idiot Hour, with the exception of when Josh makes a horrendous spelling error, which is a good 3-4 times per show.

I don’t want to give Boyd another loss on the season, but the projections aren’t playing well in his favor…At this point, I’m just hoping he can break 100 points in back to back weeks. Best of luck Boyd, may the odds be in your favor.

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