Lionel Messi Picks Man City Because Of Course

You have GOT to be kidding me. It’s literally been a few hours since news broke that Barcelona’s leading man Messi wanted out from underneath the clutches of the Spanish powerhouse only for my hopes and dreams to not even last 24 hours.

I mean seriously, I wrote this over a cup of coffee THIS MORNING and it’s already basically fake news at this point.

So Messi rejoins his former manager Pep Guardiola at the world’s least favorite club. Pep was a name I mentioned a few times to be leaving City sooner rather than later with all of the sanction shit going on but low and behold, Messi has just made Man City the #1 selling jersey in Pro sports history…IF the deal happens.

Barcelona will most likely work with Messi on this move for two simple reasons. The first is that the club and entire city owe Messi everything. He’s arguably the greatest player of all time and the fact that he’s spent this much time with one team is astonishing in today’s sports environment. The second reason is because they need a team that can afford Messi.

Messi isn’t the most audacious human being when it comes to the way he lives, but he won’t take a crap deal. He knows hes this good and the fact that he has no world cup simply means he needs all the money he can get because he wont be a country hero after he retires.

(that’s a joke. Hes a God)

If Manchester City fans couldn’t get more annoying brace for impact. Hey, at least they aren’t Chelsea Fans though so they have that going for them.

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