Barca Confirms Messi Wants Out

MAN OH MAN, just when you think you’ve seen it all the greatest footballer of all time hands in the transfer rumor of ALL transfer rumors. Lionel Messi, arguably the single greatest human to touch a soccer field has formally told Barcelona he wants OUT.

A lot of people will instantly compare this decision to that of Ronaldo as the athletes lives and careers are stuck together like…well stuck together like Messi and Barcelona used to be. This is an INSANE move if you consider the loyalty Messi has had to Barcelona but the Argentinian Great deserves to decide the next step of his career. Messi has done, well everything at Barcelona. In the off chance you don’t know who this is, here’s one sentence I keep locked away for this exact arguement.

Cristian Ronaldo is the epitome of the power and drive the human body can produce, but Messi was sent here by the Gods.

Messi is also the proud owner of one of the greatest ads in recent memory

Messi deserves different. Messi deserves to craft his legacy. Shit. This means I have to rethink some old stances on Brady and LeBron now, huh? Naw, F*** em still.

Messi on the other hand can do no wrong. Unless he picks Man City.

The big question is however…where will he end up?

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