The Batman Looks Amazing!

Holy S**t balls Batman… Man, I literally said I wasn’t gonna watch this movie because Robert Pattinson was playing Batman, but after watching this trailer…wow man. I have been completely wrong about this entire premise of the film.

This movie looks absolutely incredible, but what exactly makes me think this movie is going to be amazing? Let’s take a look.

The Dark Tone

Someone call the previous Batman directors because I fully believe this Batman film will be darker in tone than any other Batman film. It is associated with the lighting, the movements, the scenery, etc. This Batman film has a feel that gives off a very dark and gothic vibe that I associate with old Noir films which brings me to my next point of why I think this film is going to be amazing.

Actual Detective Film?

The way this film is playing out in my head makes me feel it is going to be a very thrilling detective movie. I absolutely love it because most Batman movies are very “Hollywood” or “Blockbuster” which can be a little repetitive at times. This movie feels like it is following the path that “Joker” did with its overall feel. It’s not gonna have a bunch of explosions or crazy long fight scenes. I firmly believe The Batman will follow its own path and be a great thriller and detective story.

Early Years?

While this is a new film of the Batman franchise, this does not feel like another “Batman Begins” type project where he starts off figuring out how to be the Batman again. Thank god. I was really tired of the same old script that was happening with Bruce trying to find himself between him and the Batman and how it all works. This movie seems like he has been Batman for a while, but he is still young. I haven’t really seen a young Batman picture yet so I’m all for it.

The Villains (aka Riddler Looks Terrifying)

I mean, to be honest, this is why we are all here right? It looks like, instead of starting off with a single villain, they are going to run into “Spiderman 3” territory going with three villains straight off the back. Batman will be going toe to toe with the Riddler, Catwoman, and the Penguin, with Riddler being the main villain of the movie.

I was never scared of the Riddler before, but Jesus the dude looks like a straight-up serial killer in this film and I cannot wait to see how he does in it.

Well, that wraps it up. Out of all the projects that D.C. has put out in the last couple of days, this is the one I am most excited about. I cannot wait for The Batman, and after reading this article or seeing the trailer you should be jumping out of your seat in excitement as well!

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