Ranking The Nine Titan Shifters

In my hopes to get our fanbase interested in this anime before the final season comes out, I bring to you yet another Attack on Titan article. In my last article, we touched upon the main reasons to watch the anime.

Today, I touch upon one of those reasons which were the different types of Titans. As I explained before, there are a lot of Titans in this show mostly falling into one of two categories; Pure or Abnormal. However, in the show we have what you call “Titan Shifters”. There are nine of these and I have decided to rank them all for you today! Don’t worry the only spoilers I guess in this will be what they are called and some abilities. So without further ado, let us get started!

#9 The Cart Titan

Though the Cart Titan is not the strongest Titan amongst the others, it is the fastest. It is the only Titan Shifter that is a quadruped (meaning it only moves on all fours), and is the only one of the nine Titans that can be equipped with mechanical implants and weapons as pictured. It isn’t the tallest either being it’s on all fours so because of that it’s only about 4 meters tall. It also is used more its carrying capacity than anything else. Not the strongest Titan in the bunch, but a great mobile shooter to say the least.

#8 The Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan is up next. Again, it isn’t the biggest Titan around standing at only 5 meters tall, but it is a vicious one. It has the ability to swing from trees almost like a monkey. It has razor sharp claws and yep…you guessed it; an incredibly powerful jaw full of sharp teeth. It’s fast on its feet, but honestly it wouldn’t stand a chance against the other ones that are much taller and powerful.

#7 The Attack Titan

The 15 meter Attack Titan in which the show gets its name from is your basic all rounder when it comes to a fighter. It gets its name from a sense of fighting for freedom. It’s main ability is a form of rage known as berserker. This lets the Titan go into full blown “attack” mode rampaging and crushing things in a blind rage. Normally, this would be a good strength to have, but being blinded by rage isn’t the best to experience when fighting to the death.

#6 The Female Titan

The Female Titan stands at 14 meters tall, but man was she a difficult and venomous one at best. Her fuel for the death she caused gave her the strength to keep going. Her Titan has the same look as the Attack Titan, but instead of a berserker power she has better intelligence, the ability to harden her body, and call other Titans to her location. Good powers for such a skillful Titan.

#5 The Armored Titan

The Armored Titan is basically pretty clear based on its name, but yes, this 15 meter titan is covered with armor from head to toe. This helps this titan out when it comes to defense as barely anything can pierce the body. Just as well, the armor helps out to be a great form of offense as well as the armor hitting different things can cause a lot more damage than people think. He also has the ability to shed armor to increase his speed.

#4 The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan is a strange, but deadly one indeed. It is taller than the other titans listed standing at 17 meters tall. It’s the only titan listed that is covered in fur giving promise to its name looking like some sort of feral beast. It has long arms meant for throwing things long distances. He also displays an incredible intelligence and strategy for such a brute. He is fierce, disturbing, and has the ability to speak which most titans do not. A powerful soldier with a strong mind is tough to come by.

#3 The War Hammer Titan

The 15 meter War Hammer Titan is an interesting one because honestly, I don’t know much about it other than its unique ability and its a powerful one at that. It has the ability to make weapons of its own hardening material. So think how like I said with the Female Titan that is is able to harden its own skin to protect itself. Instead of protecting itself it can make oh I don’t know say a hammer and use it to clobber its enemies to a pulp. Making your weapons out of your body? That’s as cool of an ability as I have ever seen.

#2 The Colossal Titan

The one that started the series off ladies and gentlemen; the Colossal Titan. As its name suggests, it is the biggest of the nine titan shifters standing at 60 meters tall. You can imagine with the amount of weight coupled with the height that speed is not this titan’s best friend. However, the pure size and strength alone of this titan gives others a run for their money. As a defensive measure, this titan can excess hot steam from his body to make grappling onto him useless and to push back enemies as well.

#1 The Founding Titan

The first Titan to ever exist gives it the right to be at the number one spot. Not only is it number one because it was the first titan to exist, but its abilities pack a devastating punch. It has the power to control over Titans to do whatever it wants. Essentially a commander in the ranks that can make Pure and Abnormal Titans do whatever they please. Another interesting ability gives it the power to erase the memories of people. That’s right man. It can wipe minds. A crazy bunch of abilities for the first Titan on our list.

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