The Mavs Get Screwed

Literally, convince me otherwise. If you weren’t aware of one of the most ridiculous situations in the return of sports, last night The Unicorn himself Kristaps Porzingis was big booted from the Mavs / Clippers game for arguably the weakest double tech in basketball history. To get the story off right, let’s take a look at Kristap’s first technical from last night.

A completely clean and all ball block (look at it closely, foreign people haters who disagree). It’s a bit upsurb that they didn’t look at this, especially considering that this was an extremely soft technical foul and with two techs, as they say in baseball, you’re out.

I could live with the refs messing up the first tech. I can sit here and say “Meh, oh well. Porzingis got screwed but whatever.”

Then, this bullshit.

Don’t come at me with the “PoRzInGiS InItIaTeD ConTaCT” cause that’s just bullshit. When Luka, arguably the most talented 21 year old we’ve ever seen on the court gets tangled up with a Morris twin (don’t act like you know which is which).

Man, I know I’m a loud Lakers fan and I think the Clippers will never pass the Lakers in greatness and I think Pat Bev is a bum and all, but this was just insane basketball bias.

There is something to be said in the fact that Zingis, whos name I just got tired of typing out so I just am using that name, shouldn’t have been involved in that. He could have just grabbed Luka and walked away and yadda yadda yadda, but I mean come on man. The Mavs win this game with Zin in the game the whole time. God that’s a long name.

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