Did Fernando Tatis Jr. Break Unwritten Rules?


It’s professional baseball and you play from wire to wire going hard all the time. I wanted to wait a day to drop this because I wanted to see the fallout from this and boy was I ever right to wait. 

If you don’t know what happened, Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres hit a Grand Slam on a 3-0 pitch after being up 7 runs in the 8th inning of Monday night’s game. As a response with the very next pitch, Texas Rangers pitcher Ian Gibault threw a fastball behind Manny Machado. Chris Woodward cited “unwritten rules” as to why Tatis Jr. was in the wrong. 

Now for the takes.

Fernando Tatis Jr.: you keep doing you my man. Not only were you 100% right in smacking a grand slam, but you also responded tonight by stealing 3rd base up 6-0 in the top of the 4th inning. You’re a rising star in this game and literally, every baseball fan, player, media member, etc. has stood behind you. Keep being a savage in the batter’s box and in the game of baseball. 

Rangers manager Chris Woodward: not only are you softer than baby shit for complaining about a grand slam effectively putting the game away, you’re a coward for calling for the throwing at Manny Machado. It’s not up to you to police the game of baseball. You also don’t get to decide when a game ends! Baseball is an UNTIMED sport so you can come back and win any time there buddy. Honestly, if I was the GM of this team, I’d fire you for being so weak-minded. Oh, and by the way, the unwritten rules of baseball are stupid as hell. Jeff Passan clearly agrees.

Rangers pitcher Ian Gibault: if you don’t like it, then tell your fellow bullpen mate not to throw a fastball 3-0 down the middle to one of the hottest hitters this baseball season. How about putting yourself into a pitchers count by actually hitting the strike zone early in the at-bat? The fact you’re getting suspended and you didn’t throw the pitch that Tatis Jr. pimped is hilarious. Enjoy your time off and work on that pitching command bud!

Padres manager Jayce Tingler: how do you not defend your guy in the post game interview? You ACTUALLY AGREED with Woodward in saying a grand slam was out of line and you’re not trying to run up the score? You’re soft too and if I was the Padres GM, you’d also be canned. Not standing up for your guy is how you lose a locker room my man. 

Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer: how do you not defend your teammate? You actually told Tatis Jr. on the bench how what he did was in the wrong? I think you see where this is going. Soft as hell. You’re a player and your team is up. Why do you care so much about unwritten rules? They are stupid! I’d trade you for a bag of balls if someone would be willing to take on that contract. If you were more of a savage like your 21 year old phenom, you’d live up to your contract you overpaid bum. 

This is trash. How can anyone on that team look at Eric Hosmer and believe he wants to win a World Series? I would have slapped him silly if this was me.

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