Watch Vo Get Destroyed LIVE TONIGHT

If you’ve been keeping up with Vo’s blogs about the TFTB Madden League, you’re well aware that the Cleveland Browns have been on a tear as of late. A tear, however, that comes to a SCREEEECHING hault tonight on Twitch.

When I noticed the Cleveland game on the schedule I instantly circled it. VO isn’t the largest smack talker in the league, but his constant “Wah I have’nt played yet” and “Errrmygurrd will you guys give me another day to play?” It’s just time to put the Cleveland Browns playoffs hopes officially in the dirt.

The Arizona Cardinals, just for the record are the HOTTEST team in the NFL at the moment, with Kliff up for COTY, Isaiah Simmons and Kenneth Murray both up for ROTY and DPOY and both Kyler Murray and D-Andre Swift both up for ROTY. I mean, come on.

If you want footage, I got the receipts per usual.

Vegas currently has the Cardinals favored with the line we at Cardinals -14. If I were you, I would POUND the over on this one. The Cardinals are here to stay.

Tune into the TFTB Twitch channel TONIGHT at 8 pm to watch me run THROUGH the Cleveland Browns!

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