Jamal Adams Soars to the Seahawks

It’s a big day for Jamal Adams as he finally has reached an agreement to be traded from the Jets. Adam Gase isn’t the best head coach to manage Adam’s talent and value, but you know who is…

That’s right. PETE FREAKING CARROLL!!! Jamal Adams will be managed and used quite nicely as an addition to the Seattle Seahawks roster. What did Seattle have to give up though? Here are all the details.

So the Seahawks give up McDougald, two first round picks (2021 and 2022), and a third round pick (2022) for one guy… Well guess what. That one guy is totally freaking worth it. Jamal Adams is by far one of the, if not the best safety in the NFL right now. This is kind of what it looked like when the Raiders traded away Mack for the two first round picks. That deal was worth the results and this one will be worth it too. Adams is going to make a fine addition to the Seahawks.

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